Washington Redskins 2012: Rex Grossman Should Start, Not Robert Griffin III

By Steve Shackelford
August 10, 2012 2:27 pm
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Rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III, impressed in his preseason debut against the Buffalo Bills.  Griffin put up a touchdown and 70 yards through the air. 
Rex Grossman managed only two completions on ten attempts.  However, it is Grossman not Griffin who possesses the experience necessary for the Redskins to contend for an NFC East title in 2012. 
Grossman threw for 3,151 yards in 2011, but the ball ended up in the hands of the opposing team 20 times. Poor decision making caused equally as many as poor route-running and receiver play.
Newly acquired receiver, Pierre Garcon, looked outstanding catching balls from Griffin.   A rapport could certainly develop quickly between Griffin and Garcon, perhaps similarly to Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton and Steve Smith in 2011.
However, reports indicate that Grossman looked great in camp running the first team offense with Garcon on the field. He approaches the line of scrimmage with an experience level and confidence the rookie Griffin can’t fully possess in 2012. 
Grossman appeared rusty in the preseason opener, but rust can be taken off before the first game of the season.
Although Griffin performed well in his first preseason game, he is reportedly having trouble executing the offense against the Redskins’ defense in practice.  Grossman is reportedly more successful at this point in training camp. 
The best thing for Griffin’s development is for him to start the season with a clipboard. Continue to run the first team offense in practice along with Grossman, but allow the rookie to ease his way in to the NFL.
The worst that could happen is the Redskins lose one game.  If Grossman looks as if he can’t handle the job in Week 1 and starts throwing picks, then Griffin is the guy for the rest of 2012.  
Grossman will lose the job on his terms, and Griffin can move forward without worrying about his backup

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3 years ago
Never trust a Gator QB in the NFL
3 years ago
Grossman has never shown he should be an NFL starter. In the two seasons he's actually played the majority of the games, he's thrown 20 interceptions each season. A sub-60% completion percentage doesn't inspire much confidence either. Look at what Cam did in Carolina in his rookie season. If RGIII is their guy, throw him in there and start getting him used to playing at the NFL level. Nothing beats experience playing real games. Holding a clipboard might the right choice if you're behind guys like Brady or Rogers, but all Rex would show RGIII is how to not lead the team.
3 years ago
"Although Griffin performed well in his first preseason game, he is reportedly having trouble executing the offense against the Redskins’ defense in practice. Grossman is reportedly more successful at this point in training camp."

- Grossman's been running this offense for 3 years now, of course he's running it better (in practice). Fact is, when its game-time, he falters BADLY. 2-10 passing doesn't cut it.

- Having practiced vs. most of the guys on the Redskins defense, he is more familiar with their tendencies, and how to exploit them.

- Griffin's been running this offense for what, four months now? Against players who KNOW what defense to run on any given play, not to mention that the Redskins defense is a good one.

-Griffin had good numbers, poise and presence on the field against the first-team of a Bills defense touted as one of the best. Grossman's numbers paled by comparison, and he was vs. the second team defense.

The above, are FACTS, by the way, not opinion. So, again, WHY REX?
3 years ago
You're not from around here, are you. Grossman starting would empty the stadium.
3 years ago
There is something wrong with you if you think Rex should start over RG3. Plus Rex was the main reason the Redskins lost so many games last year.
3 years ago
Rex grossman is a sorry looking football player and should't even be on the team, the cheerleaders do a better job than he does. it looks like everytime he takes the field that he is workin for the other team, always handin over the ball. Redskins finally have a chance to win with RGIII
3 years ago
Grossman has always performed well in practice but he hasn't translated any of it into consistent success. Bold argument though!
3 years ago
When the answer to any QB battle is rex grossman, it's time to start looking towards a high pick in next year's draft.
3 years ago
I think I figured it out now lol. He is doing this for the comments. He doesn't really think Rex Grossman should start LOL
3 years ago

I absolutely think Grossman should start the first game of the season. Read the article, Kunze.
3 years ago

You definitely are not watching the same 2 QB's I am. RG3 was cool calm and collected 4/6 with a TD. Grossman was his same ole disjointed uncomfortable late with the ball self.
3 years ago
You have got to be joking or as high as gas. Grossman when given his shot in the game did his usual thing. Late with the ball or not enough arm to get the pass in to the receiver in time. He is disjointed and uncomfortable. I have watched all of that I can stand. The 3rd QB looked much better than Grossman in game conditions as well. RG3 was light years better than Grossman. I don't know what game you were watching but Grossman did nothing to inspire confidence or earn a starting roll. 2/10 vs. 4/6 and a TD. c'mon man you got to be kidding.
3 years ago
Practice? We're talkin' about Practice???!!! RG3 is supposed to be the franchise qb, who actually performed better in the game situation, and we're here talkin' about practice!!

As someone who lived in the Washington area for several years and followed the Redskins, its a good thing Mike Shanahan is the head coach.

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