Rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III, impressed in his preseason debut against the Buffalo Bills.  Griffin put up a touchdown and 70 yards through the air. 
Rex Grossman managed only two completions on ten attempts.  However, it is Grossman not Griffin who possesses the experience necessary for the Redskins to contend for an NFC East title in 2012. 
Grossman threw for 3,151 yards in 2011, but the ball ended up in the hands of the opposing team 20 times. Poor decision making caused equally as many as poor route-running and receiver play.
Newly acquired receiver, Pierre Garcon, looked outstanding catching balls from Griffin.   A rapport could certainly develop quickly between Griffin and Garcon, perhaps similarly to Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton and Steve Smith in 2011.
However, reports indicate that Grossman looked great in camp running the first team offense with Garcon on the field. He approaches the line of scrimmage with an experience level and confidence the rookie Griffin can’t fully possess in 2012. 
Grossman appeared rusty in the preseason opener, but rust can be taken off before the first game of the season.
Although Griffin performed well in his first preseason game, he is reportedly having trouble executing the offense against the Redskins’ defense in practice.  Grossman is reportedly more successful at this point in training camp. 
The best thing for Griffin’s development is for him to start the season with a clipboard. Continue to run the first team offense in practice along with Grossman, but allow the rookie to ease his way in to the NFL.
The worst that could happen is the Redskins lose one game.  If Grossman looks as if he can’t handle the job in Week 1 and starts throwing picks, then Griffin is the guy for the rest of 2012.  
Grossman will lose the job on his terms, and Griffin can move forward without worrying about his backup