The New York Giants and New York Jets played a crucial battle on the field on Saturday afternoon.  The New York Giants ended up winning the game by the score of 29-14 but this goes deeper than that. 

Rex Ryan, the bombastic coach of the New York Jets, decided to get into a war of words with Giants running back Brandon Jacobs.  Ryan always has a lot to say and to be frank Jacobs usually does also.  The two guys really shouldn't have much to say after the years they have had but this was kind of a unavoidable situation between the two guys.  Here is a recap of what went on between the two men. 

The two men met up after the game and you could clearly see on T.V. that they exchanged heated words.  I would say there was definitely some cursing involved.  Jacobs said that Ryan went after him "The way his pops went after Kevin Gilbride."  It was a good memory by Jacobs bringing up that altercation after all these years when the two were coaching together. 

Mike Garafolo of the Newark-Star Ledger wrote that Jacobs told Ryan "It's time to shut up, fat boy."  The story that Jacobs gave to reporters was a little different then that but not by much.  "I told him to shut the f------up," Jacobs said via the New York Daily News.  Ryan then told him "Go F--------yourself."  Jacobs views Ryan as "A disrespectful bastard.  The Jets have a big mouth, big belly coach that talks too much." 

Even Pat Hanlon the Giants public relations director got into it after the game.  He wrote this on his twitter feed "Again to our hosts, sorry for the mess we left behind.  We'll clean it up later.  We have a big game in 'your' house this week." 

It is fun times in New Jersey as both teams are desperately battling for their playoff lives.  The Giants control their own destiny.  They have a game for the NFC East crown on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys.  The Jets took a huge hit to their playoff chances by losing to the Giants.  They need to win in Miami in their final game and have three other teams lose.  It doesn't look too pretty for the Jets but their coach vows he will keep talking and be who he is.