The New York Jets had goals for the 2012 season.  We wanted to challenge the Patriots and bring New York Football back from Big Blue to Gang Green. Mark Sanchez was supposed to breakout this year.  He was going to become the next Peyton Manning.  As of right now, none of those goals are going to happen.

First of all let me just make something perfectly clear.  Tim Tebow should not be the answer.  The Jets should’ve never traded for Tebow.  They should’ve resigned Plaxico Burress, who scored 8 touchdowns and was a great outside threat for the team last season.  The Jets needed to improve the offensive line in the offseason, where they were (and still are) especially weak.  Instead they sign a Saturday Night Live traveling circus by the name of Tim Tebow.

Unfortunately those are the things the Jets should’ve work to improve.  They didn’t do those things and we all have to move on from those decisions.  The Jets (and more importantly their fans) have 2 QBs that can’t throw the football above a 50% completion percentage.  We have no offensive line and because of which Sanchez can’t stay in the pocket for more than half a second without fear of being sacked.

Running back Shonn Greene can only run the football three yards before he needs to take a break.  Our best (and arguably only) starting Wide Receiver is banged up and both starting Tight Ends are injured and have missed substantial playing time.  To summarize, the Jets have no offense!

Actually I’m going to rephrase my previous statement.  The Jets have no passing offense.  Sanchez, who is supposed to be the better throwing QB, has only completed 49.2% of his passes this year.  Everyone complains that Tim Tebow can’t throw the football (and he can’t) but his completion percentage from last season is not much worse than Sanchez’s this year. (47%) 

The Jets are at a make or break point for this season.  Sanchez has been extremely inconsistent to say the least.  Granted there are no “playmakers” to help him out, but in life we deal with the cards we’re dealt.  With no great Wide Receiving talent, would the Jets be inclined to put Tebow in as the starting QB?

The offensive line isn’t making things any easier for Sanchez at this point.  Granted that the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, there was absolutely no excuse for the way Sanchez played on Sunday.  He got sacked more times than someone who worked for George Steinbrenner. 

The one positive I’ll say about Tim Tebow is that he knows how to move constantly out of the pocket.  He’ll also keep a defense on their toes, which is not the case right now when a defense plays this current New York Jets team. 

I also want to put a point out that the Jets should try and trade for outside help.  Mike Golic from ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” had the right idea when he said the answer to the Jets QB problems would come from outside help.  As ironic as this sounds, I firmly believe Kyle Orton would be a good starting QB for the Jets.  Orton (who was benched in favor of Tebow in 2011 for Denver) has proven in the past to be a good passing QB. 

In 2009 he threw for 3800 yards, 21 touchdowns and had a 62% completion percentage.  He led the Chicago Bears to a 10-5 record in his rookie NFL season and definitely knows how to run a standard NFL offense.  If I were the Jets, I’d trade a couple of draft picks and a low level player to Dallas for Orton.  He’s their backup QB and will likely not be seeing any action this season unless he’s traded.

However as of right now, the Jets probably won’t be making any trades for a starting QB.  So that leaves only three QBs on the roster.  Mark Sanchez has been playing as bad as he’s ever played in his four years of NFL experience.  Tim Tebow has a career completion percentage that would scare anyone for Halloween.  And finally 3rd string QB Greg McElroy has no NFL experience.  He did win a National Championship for Alabama in 2009.  However the difference in skill between college football and the NFL is so great, McElroy would be well out of his league. 

Those are the choices the Jets front office have.  They are not great options by any level, but it is clear that changes need to be made on the field for the Jets.  Without a change for the better, the Jets are destined for another era as the king of the NFL Bottom dwellers.