Vincent Jackson agreed to a five year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The terms of the deal include 5 years, $55.55 million, including $26 million guaranteed, $36 million in the 1st 3 yrs.

Vincent Jackson will give Buccaneers a number one receiver on their offense. When starting in the league he started off slow like most wide receivers. After his third year his numbers increased and remained consistent. V-Jax helped free up the running lanes, took double teams off of Antonio Gates, and provided Phillip Rivers a trustworthy target to throw to. That is what you want from a Wide Receiver and that is what the Buccaneers got. The numbers speak for themselves.

2008: Receptions: 59   Yards: 1098   Touchdowns: 7
2009: Receptions: 68   Yards: 1167   Touchdowns: 9
2010: Receptions: 14   Yards: 248     Touchdowns: 3 (Vincent Jackson held out during this year and was injured)
2011: Receptions: 60   Yards: 1106   Touchdowns: 9

Vincent Jackson will demand double teams and will help other receivers get open. Bucs WR, Mike Williams, had a rough Sophomore year, but having a veteran Wide Receiver helping him out and relieving some of the pressure, will allow Williams to improve this season. Vincent Jackson is 6'5 and weighs 230 pounds, which gives QB Josh Freeman another big target. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a decent run game in place already but it should get better with the presence of Jackson.

Last year, many people thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were ready to challenge Atlanta for the NFC South, but instead they were a major disappointment. With this acquisition they are stepping in the right direction in terms of adding  more tools to compete with the up and coming Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons.The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are helping their team stay multi-dimensional, which is something most offenses are still trying to do.