Former NFL quarterback and University of Texas standout Vince Young is out of work and broke. Young is dying for an opportunity to come back to the NFL and play the game he once loved, but what team wants to take a chance on a player that loves to boasts and at a time was considered a player that suffers from depression.

Young played five seasons under Jeff Fisher and the Tennessee Titans to which he was coming into his own as a running quarterback that could also throw the ball down the field when he wanted. Young was supposed to be the next Michael Vick of the league because he was a versatile player that could run the ball. Things just got out of hand in Tennessee when Young couldn’t handle the pressure of being an NFL player it seemed.

Off the field Young was a spender and loved to squander his money. I know this is his personal preference and decisions that he makes and who are we the media and writers out there to judge him on this. But history does repeat itself as to where the way you’re off the field can hurt you on the field. 

In Young’s NFL career numbers, it’s nothing to make you faint or anything like that but I just feel that he should get some calls for teams that are looking for a backup quarterback position because if you ask me, he’s serviceable. No question about it! Young’s numbers show that he was an average quarterback but you started to see that he had a promising career if he stayed on the right path.

Also Young was selected to the AFC Pro Bowl team not once but twice in 2006 and 2009. So him not being on a NFL roster at 29 years old is just a bit crazy to me. When he played with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2011 he was quite serviceable behind Michael Vick and you can see some of his past come into play where he looked good at times on the field. I would call Young a game manager.