I've been patiently waiting. I've given Lane Kiffin the benefit of the doubt and took the whole 'wait and see' approach to Kiffin. The 'fire Lane Kiffin' bandwagon has been gaining steam for awhile now. Week after week, a few more people hop onto the bandwagon, and I've been reluctant to get on. I didn't want to get on it, but after yet another game where the Trojans don't show up, and shoot themselves in the foot, it's time for USC to part ways with Lane Kiffin. 

Now, I didn't want to get on because I feel I have been realistic. I was realistic coming into this year, and even for the entire Lane Kiffin era. Even with the weapons, having a great coaching staff and all that I realized that there was just no way Kiffin was going to duplicate the Pete Carroll years. It's not realistic for any school to have those expectations. It's one of the greatest eras ever in college football.

Then going into this year, looking at the schedule, playing Stanford on the road, and Oregon at home were going to be the major roadblocks. Realistically, going undefeated is hard to do, no matter how much talent you have. This is why I've, personally, been holding out on Kiffin, not rushing to judgement and giving him the benefit of the doubt. But, once again, losing to UCLA is the final straw.

It's not just losing to UCLA, but it's the way they lost and how USC has been losing these games. Losing to Stanford, USC had 8 penalties for 79 yards, along with 3 turnovers. The loss against Arizona, USC had 13 penalties for 117 yards, and 5 turnovers. The loss against Oregon, only 3 penalties good job here, but once again too many turnovers, SC had 3 in the game versus Oregon. And now, against UCLA, 6 penalties for 51 yards, and 3 turnovers. It's just not good enough, and this points to the coaching. A lack of discipline, dumb penalties, and unable to hold onto the ball.

And these are just the losses, this isn't even including the majority of SC's wins where SC has looked sloppy, slow, and just unprepared. Against Utah, they came out lackadaisical, and they turned the ball over. Luckily, SC is a really talented team this year that they were able to overcome things like that against the Utah's of the world on the road. On the road against Washington it was sloppy and SC couldn't put them away, last week against Arizona State, just another sloppy game, a game SC was lucky enough to win.

As the scholarships dwindle, and the playmakers leave, these wins this year will be losses down the road. If a talented, loaded, team this year is only good enough to be 7-4, that isn't good enough and USC is in for a world of hurt down the road if they keep Lane Kiffin. It's obvious for a 3rd year now, SC commits too many turnovers, start way too slow, and commit too many dumb penalties.

It's time for a change, Lane Kiffin isn't the answer.