The Kansas City Chiefs head into their bye week with nine wins, and zero losses. As a Kansas City fan you are living on cloud nine. However, nationally the Chief’s garner hesitant praise for being perfect.

National media pundits seem very concerned and excited about trying to guess when this team will be handed its first loss.

Kansas City defeated the Bills Sunday to the tune of 23-13. Buffalo was supposed to be a loss. The Chief’s hadn’t won in Orchard Park since 1986 or something like that. In week three Philadelphia was supposed to take it to the Chief’s with Chip’s Ahoy Kelly’s crazy fast offense, but the Eagles were grounded. 

Or was it the Tony Romo and Dallas back in week two? The Cowboys were supposed to beat the Chiefs, but that didn’t happen either. Remember the NFC east was considered really tough early in the year.

Can the Andy Reid use the lack of respect card in the locker room? Certainly he can, and will.

The fact of the matter is the Chief’s are not sexy. They don’t throw the football all over the field and score 50 plus points. They don’t let teams roll them in the first half and then drink a pot of Starbucks at half time and perform some second half “magic” comeback like Seattle does every other week.

Quarterback Alex Smith is boring. He doesn’t make mistakes, he’s a game manager and he follows the game plan. He’s also been a round a while and most west coast sports writers were happy to see him leave Northern California. Smith’s Chiefs offense has not been that good, just doing enough to get by.

But he continues to win. See his NFL best 82.8 winning percentage since 2011.


The Chiefs may have a championship defense. They have had a few lucky breaks, but they have also played relentless in making teams turn the ball over. Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton has done a fantastic job teaching and preparing this hungry group.

Kansas City will take two weeks off to prepare for a trip to Denver to play everyone’s favorite ad man Peyton Manning and the Broncos. And while Manning would be happy to sell the Chief’s a slice of pizza, he really would like to sell them a loss.

NBC has bought this pivotal match up from CBS and is putting it on Sunday night for the world to see, and for media members to predict another Chief’s loss that hasn’t happened yet.

Winning is very difficult in the NFL and regardless of how it looks, if a team knows how to win, that team can be very dangerous.