As a novice NFL history buff—I’d recommend writers like FN’s Tom Pollin if you’re seeking experts—I’m most enthusiastic about uniforms that grew out of the NFL’s Golden Age of the 1960’s. There were the stoic and proud designs of the franchises that survived the early years, juxtaposed with the colorful cries for attention from the AFL franchises and expansion teams.

The Ultimate NFL Uniform Rankings breaks down accordingly.

Some ground rules: the year the franchise began wearing the uniform appears in parenthesis including when throwbacks and “fauxbacks” were first used and reappeared as alternates if applicable.

No team that succumbed to that weird Nike collar design adopted in the 2012 season—when Nike won the contract as the exclusive NFL merchandiser from Reebok—is allowed in the Top 10.

I don’t know what to think of the bi-colored collar, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it and I may be reduced to grabbing a torch and pitchfork and marching to Nike HQ demanding change or Phil Knight’s head! Who’s with me!! Nobody? Ok, moving on…

(A special thanks to Uni Watch and Gridiron Uniform Database, two of the most comprehensive sources for NFL uniforms on the interwebs).