The Arizona Cardinals have decided to sign and pay Tyrann Mathieu for a three year contract. The contract is for $3 million, plus $662,500 in guaranteed money. The Cardinals have stated that Mathieu will have to play by the same rules where drug testing is concerned.

There's a grey area between a signed agreement and verbal agreement. Mathieu has verbally agreed to regular drug testing with the Cardinal organization, while fans could question this whole situation.

If the Dallas Cowboys can waist money on problem players, the Cardinals can take a chance on a little bit of NFL money.

Where will Mathieu's heart be in the next few years? The thought of being payed millions could drive a man away from a drug habit, or the chance to make a comeback story for himself would be successful.

This is similar to a stock that a trader would take a chance on and sale before the bottom falls out. The Cardinal organization will get their return on a three year investment, but the investment could fall back on hard times in the future.

To break this down in NFL language; Tyrann Mathieu might stray towards his addiction after his money and success with the Cardinals has ended.

We've seen this same story with Lawerence Taylor, Michael Irvin, Nate Newton,and Mercury Morris.

I wish the best for Tyrann Mathieu and his future in the NFL. He's an exciting player to watch and will bring more fans.

If Mathieu can overcome this marijuana dependency, he will be the next coming of Deion Sanders.

Sweetheart's Stuff

Yeah, I bet Snoop Dogg has "verbally agreed" to a few tests, then on test day, he conventialy doesn't recall agreeing to those terms.