OSU football offensive line

Green countryside.

Lots of trees.

Even more rain.

No sales tax.

Growing up in Oregon and living there until I turned 28, these four things were always the items my home state was most known for. Until now.

Now, the success of the football teams of the state’s two leading universities are putting Oregon on the sports world map.

The No. 2 ranked University of Oregon Ducks are 6-0 overall, 3-0 in the Pac-12 conference.

Just 45 minutes up the interstate, the No. 10 ranked Oregon State University Beavers are 4-0 on the season, with three Pac-12 conference wins.

Never in my lifetime, as best I can recall, have the two teams, and bitter rivals, ever been as highly successful at the same time.

The Ducks have annihilated every opponent they have faced.

  • 57-34 over Arkansas State University.
  • 42-25 vs. Fresno State University.
  • 63-14 against Tennessee Tech.
  • 49-0 victory over the University of Arizona.
  • 51-26 win at Washington State University.
  • 52-21 defeat of the Washington Huskies.

The Beavers have taken a different approach. Their scores have been closer, but they have always managed to come out on top.

  • 10-7 squeaker over Wisconsin.
  • 27-20 upset at UCLA.
  • 38-35 over Arizona.
  • 19-6 victory against Washington State.

Both teams face tough match-ups ahead. The U of O faces Arizona State in a Thursday night game October 18th. The Sun Devils are 4-1 and almost made it into the Associated Press Top 25 rankings. The Ducks still have battles against USC and Stanford later in the season. The Beavers travel to BYU this Saturday and also face Stanford and Arizona State down the road.

But the most important game on their schedule just may be the annual Civil War near the end of the season. Oregon State will have home field advantage on Saturday, November 24th for the intrastate clash. If both teams can continue their winning ways until then it will be a glorious day to remember in the Beaver state.