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Back in Week 3, Michael Vick voiced objections to the way NFL officials ignore late hits on one Michael Vick. The topic reached a boiling point the following day on ESPN Monday NIght Countdown as Keyshawn Johnson and Tom Jackson acted is if this was an international incident. Said Johnson"Michael Vick, he needs to say nothing more. We're here several hours a week ... we'll fight the battle for him." 

Added an indignant Jackson"Mike, you don't have to fight that battle. You don't have to fight that battle. You don't have to fight that battle."

The craziest part of the discussion is that Steve Young -- multiple concussions and all -- made the most sense when he correctly stated that mobile or in his words, "dynamic" quarterbacks are the least protected on the field. In other words, dynamic quarterbacks are treated more like skill position players and don't get the coddle treatment like the traditional pocket passers. 

So how did the ESPN Monday Night Crew break down and discuss the late hit out of bounds on Tim Tebow during the game winning drive in overtime that brought no flags and zero penalty yards? Why, they ignored it! Not a discussion. 

And so we say to ye, Tim Tebow, you don't have to worry about the officials and refs ignoring late hits out of bounds on you. For we will fight that battle for you. You don't have to fight that battle. We will fight that battle for you.


Twitter tension is at an all time high around the NFL. Last week, Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee reacted in much the same way the general viewing public reacted to DeSean Jackson's taunting personal foul on Sunday Night Football against the Giants. While one guy said Jackson was an idiot, Scobee tweeted with venom"Desean Jackson is a punk. #growuputinybastard ... He's just a punk, which to me means he doesn't respect anyone or anything around him. Therefore, I don't respect him."

Upon seeing the kickers' words, Jackson Tweeted: "This man @joshscobee10 is waaaaaaaay out of line. Stick to ya Own business.. mind ya own!! I don't respect what you sayin.. Lil Boi status. Plus I don't even know who this guy is!!"

Even though Scobee apologized for his use of words, he still deserves credit for standing by his beliefs and he deserves credit for picking a fight with someone who is actually smaller than him. 

Around the same time of the Scobee/Jackson feud, Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney dished out the old classless standby to a heckler-Cowboys fan"3-7 aint a record to be proud of, I'm just proud I ain't you. get a life or kill urself."

Gaffney backtracked after the fact, but his original words remain. This brings up an interesting scenario because the NFL fined Rex Ryan $75,000 for telling a fan to shut the f##k up and has yet to fine Gaffney for telling a fan to kill himself. Is it only on television where players and coaches are to be held accountable or do loudmouth New York head coaches just have a target on the their back. (By the way, if there is a battle to be fough for Rex Ryan, we will not fight that battle for him).

And then there is the Raiders' Chaz Shilens vs. Warren Sapp. Said Shilens when asked about criticism from the NFL Network's top defensive tackle: “Warren Sapp is a fool. That dude is stupid. He played for the Raiders 20 years ago, no one cares what he says, nobody likes him, he’s a joke … Everyone on this team thinks he’s a joke. So, he can make his predictions next week, and we’ll watch ‘em and we’ll go out and win. … That’s about it.”

Naturally, the "QBKilla" couldn't resist ignorance or silence. These Tweets followed ...

1. “Ok Just Woke Up From My Tuesday Slumber. Who’s Chaz Schilens ?? Oh Wasn’t He Just On DWTS? Did He Win??”

2. “My Bad! I Looked Ole Chaz Up, 8 & 6 Starts His 1st Two Yrs. ONE Start In Last 2yrs, Better Start a Career Before Its Over!”

3. “And someone tell Chaz I left High School 20yrs ago! And in my 4th year I had Pineapple in my Diet!”

4. “That’s a Pro-Bowl! Walking In Pineapple Fields in Hawaii.”

If nothing else, it's good to know Sapp carries the same ferocity and fire in his online conversations as he does at the NFL Network studio podiums. 

Finally, former Rams fullback Mike Karney provided Tweets throughout his former team's Week 12 loss to the Cardinals, which included public ripping of Rams journeyman offensive tackle Adam Goldberg: "Adam Goldberg getting #8 killed as usual."

Ladies and gentelmen, when the highlight for a fanbase is a released fullback's mocking of current ineptitude, it's a sign the organization has serious problems. As a self-admitted fan, I know this to be true (/end fan note).


The Lions issued a statement regarding the actions of their crazed defensive tackle Mr. Suh. The statement reads below, with the Lions words in blue/silver and the voice of our additional comments in red.

So, is anyone going to question the co-chair of the NFL Competition Committee, Jeff Fisher, to see what he thinks? 


Below is a portion of Suh's letter of commitment with a late scratch at the final revision penned in red.


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