Do the Ravens need to pick up another QB to challenge Flacco?

Earlier this week Ed Reed was asked if Flacco needs to play better to beat the Patriots; Ed’s response, “Yeah, definitely." Unfortunately for the Ravens, Reed was right. Flacco was 22/36, 306 yds, 1 int, and a passer rating of 95.4; stats good enough for a win. There were a couple downfield passes that Flacco missed, but you can’t crucify him for that. However after watching the game, it was evident that he has ALL of the physical tools, but he doesn’t have it mentally.
SEVERAL times Flacco had an easy check down to Rice or Williams; but he instead decided to either dump it out of bounds or take a sack. Although sacks are better than interceptions, on at least one occasion Joe took them out of field goal range, forcing them to go for it on fourth down; what happened? Flacco only went to his SECOND progression (both on the same side of the field) before chucking it up for grabs. A wide open Ray Rice was ready, but was never seen by Joe.
So I ask you, do the Ravens need to pick up another QB to challenge Flacco?


Is the Patriots' defense playing good enough to win it all?

After watching New England play last week and this week I’m convinced…Belichick was resting his defensive starters the ENTIRE year! The Patriots are getting run AND pass pressure with four, and even THREE guys. Wilfork had a sack and three TFL’s, Anderson had 2 tackles, one sack, and one TFL, and Gerard Warren added three tackles.
Without stunting or complex coverage, the Patriots are getting it done. The Patriots overload blitzed one time, the Ravens got a first down, and they never did it again. Most of the game New England was playing Cover-2, Tampa-2, and Cover-3 zone. If they brought anyone in to blitz, it was the safety; the linebackers took away the underneath, and the corners kept everything in front of them.
So I ask you, is the Patriots' defense playing good enough to win it all?

How lucky are the New York Giants?

Everyone was watching the late game Sunday night. The 49ers' defense (the most under-rated defense in the league) stiffled Elite Eli and his one-dimentional offensive attack. Being only 33% on third down and 50% in the redzone, San Francisco's D was dominant. Even if the 49ers' offense was playing awful, they had a couple BIG plays that put them in the driver's seat. While the Giants got 33 MORE plays and over 10 minutes MORE time of possession than San Fran, it only resulted in 24 more yards!

What was the kicker? The TWO fumbles (one muffed punt and one fumble) that Kyle Williams had that directly resulted in 10 big Giant points. San Francisco's offense and defense were better, but their special teams let them down. Who would have ever thought that a Ted Ginn injury would prevent a team from going to the Super Bowl.

So I ask you, how lucky are the New York Giants?