Did Sunday cost the New York Giants the playoffs?

With the Dallas Cowboys winning Saturday, the G-Men had to keep pace. Fortunately the Giants were playing a weak 4-9 Redskin team…or not. The Giants only put up 10 and the Skins threw up 23. Even with the Giants having the leading passer (Eli Manning, 257 yards) and the leading rusher (Ahmad Bradshaw, 58 yards); they still tanked. Maybe they gave everything they had to the Cowboys last week, but they definitely weren’t ready to play this Sunday.

So with the New York Giants coming out flat, did Sunday cost the New York Giants the playoffs?

What’s going on with Philadelphia?

Although Denver might be more tantalizing, no team is more of a question mark than the Eagles. With all of the offseason moves adding to a playoff roster, Philly was in for Indy. However they ended up being 4-8 and dead to rights. Now they are clinging to the hope of a playoff birth (although needing a miracle) and facing the Dallas Cowboys next week in Jerryland. But what Eagles team is going to hit the field? The Eagles that destroyed Dallas by 27, or the Philly team that lost to the Cardinals and Bears at home? Last week they put up 45, but this week they might put up another 14. Sometimes the overpriced D holds teams to 7, and other weeks it lets up 38.

So I ask you, what’s going on with the Eagles?

Can Baltimore win when it counts?

For a decade the Ravens have had ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is). They are a GREAT defensive team and manage on offense. After drafting Joe Flacco, getting Ray Rice, several free agent wide receivers, and a great line; the offense was finally ready…or were they? It seams like the Ravens have always snuck into the playoffs (after playing little brother to the Steelers), but then they were bounced early. Maybe it’s because they have never had a home playoff game.

Now destiny was on their side. The Steelers were down, the Patriots defense had ran out of gas, and Peyton Manning is gone for the season; the Ravens are a write in for the home field advantage (and the easiest track to the Super Bowl ever). But on the biggest stage against an over-rated San Diego team, Baltimore coughed up the game (and not by a small margin either). After getting smacked by 20, everyone is scratching their heads.

So I ask you, can Baltimore win when it counts?