Trent RichardsonThe Cleveland Browns are a team famed for having a strong ground game. Last season Trent Richardson racked up just under 1,000 yards, proving to be an effective back in the Browns' system under then coach Pat Shurmer.

Richardson should see his numbers increase under Chudzinski's new offensive set.

Actually, hammering the run will be the main attraction on offense, while the other remains whether Weeden will pay off.
Going back through last season, I admit to marking out completely once Richardson trucked right over Philadelphia's Kurt Coleman.

Images of a former bruising back, Kevin Mack, came to mind. Mack was one, if not still the favorite Browns' back, because he could advance the ball with more than just speed, he was a bulldozer too. Fullback or not, he could motor the ball down field.

Richardson seems to be made of the same mold only faster to the line and more burts to daylight. He also has a Metcalf-like receiving skillset where he can also be used on passing downs as an optional receiver. Though its important to note that while he did catch 51 passes, he only advanced the ball for 367 yards for a 7.2 avg., and 1 TD. All in all, a very reliable option, if needed on passing downs.

The team will be gearing up and preparing for him on rushing downs next season, and out of the few flaws I saw from Richardson, the 3.6 average, I place those faults on a still shaky offensive line. Yet, despite the unsettled offensive line, Richardson still became the main offensive weapon for the Browns' offense last season.

Josh Gordon being suspended for the first two weeks of the season means Richardson will see a heathly share of the ball, and the offensive line is looking good heading into the preseason. The only concern that remains would be his health and ability to remain injury free, because without him on the field the Browns' offense will fail.

He's entered training camp with no limitations, which is golden news for the Browns who will need Richardson at full speed, in their first season under "Chud" where the playoffs are back on the plate at the grazing holes and local water coolers. Only a fool can take Richardson for fool's gold, this kid has All-Pro written all over him, and I'm expecting a huge second season from Richardson.