We've just witnessed a huge trade happen on Wednesday, with last year's 3rd overall pick in the draft, Trent Richardson, going to the Indianapolis Colts.

It was a win-win for both teams. With the Browns' lack of an even mediocre passing game, they couldn't utilize Richardson. The Colts' running back, Vick Ballard, tore his ACL, and his replacement, Ahmad Bradshaw, wasn't anything impressive (plus, he too is injury prone). This way, the Browns get an extra pick to get a better quarterback and maybe a receiver, while the Colts solidify their backfield and look towards the playoffs.

So, my question is, what teams could trade away a big player on their team and still get the upper hand? And who could trade for them, to make their team a bit more... monstrous? Well, we've got plenty of options. The NFL is littered with stars, and yet there are plenty of teams who just flat out stink.

Trading is one of the best ways to get these players as well. The players are already warmed up and giving you a sense of what they'll be like during the season.

Plus, you don't have to convince them with a huge contract just to pull them to your team. Yes, most times you will be losing a draft pick or more, but that one draft pick is going towards a position you probably would have used it on anyways.

Keep in mind, most teams wont trade away their star player. The Browns took the trade completely based on how much value T-Rich was bringing to the team. Hint hint, they were still losing, so it was pretty low value.

But, enough chit-chat. Let's hit up the Trade Center!


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