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RG3Anything can happen in football. Whether it's throwing for 7 touchdowns in Week 1 or your rookie quarterback throwing a touchdown with 2 seconds left on the board to get the win, football is exciting and unpredictable.

The only thing predictable is how I predicted RG3 wasn't going to put up that many points against the Packers' defense.

There have been a bunch of shockers. The Jets haven't been under .500 yet.

Philip Rivers has put up nearly two times more touchdowns that Tom Brady, and the Redskins are 0-2 while the Chiefs are 2-0.

But this is about how the teams are looking. And man, are they confusing me this season!

Some teams you wouldn't expect to be 2-0. The Patriots probably shouldn't be, but the Dolphins and Chiefs are especially surprising. They both are good teams, and I predicted them to play well, but not this well.

Especially the Chiefs and Alex Smith. He's thrown for nearly 400 yards, with 4 touchdowns and no interceptions with 60 percent completions. As for the Pats, Brady has thrown for 3 touchdowns and an interception with only 52.7 percent completion rate. THAT is surprising.

There were a couple teams that actually were VERY close to undefeated, but ended up 1-1, such as the Jets, Lions, Cowboys, Eagles, and Titans. That list doesn't sound like teams that would be 2-0! Yet, they all played close games that could've been won with a touchdown.

Apart from that, Philip Rivers and the Chargers look... actually pretty good. In the first game, he threw for 4 touchdowns, but not even 200 yards and didn't even get 50 percent completions. In the second, he threw 3 touchdowns, no interceptions, and 76.6 percent completion rate.

Some teams that you'd think would be good actually look very bad... The Giants, Ravens, Texans, Patriots, Colts, and Buccaneers are some examples. Yes, two of these teams are undefeated, but they struggle to win. The Texans came back from a deficite both games, and more embarrassingly against some of the worst teams in the league last year (granted I've mentioned them in this article already).

The Colts also have been struggling. After winning a very close one against the Raiders (which they should've dominated), they lost to the Dolphins. Yes, the Dolphins are a pretty good team, but the Colts are supposed to be one of the best! As for the Bucs, they are just playing lousy. They lost against the Jets. The Saints, I understand. But the Jets? Noooo. But there's one team who deserves their own paragraph.

The Giants look TERRIBLE. Eli Manning has thrown one less interception than Peyton Manning has touchdowns (THAT'S A LOT!). Just wanna say, ELI ISN'T ELITE. Eight interceptions in two games. NOT good. Plus, they're 0-2.

Apparently, since the the league merger in 1990, 12 teams have made the playoffs with a record of 0-2. So the Giants have about a 12 percent chance of making it. Sadly for them, the Cowboys and Eagles are looking pretty good. (Especially the Eagles!)


So lets do a little overview.

The Flips! - Teams that look MUCH better this year
The Eagles, Chiefs, Dolphins, Chargers, Titans, Lions, and Cardinals

The Inbetweeners - The teams who look alright, but still have something to prove)
The Bills, Jets, Raiders, Rams, and Cowboys

The Flops! - Good teams that are playing lousy, even if their record doesn't show
The Giants, Colts, Patriots, Ravens, and Texans


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