The new 2013 CHFF Insider launched today, and with it you'll find a long list of new features for folks who want to uncover the stats, numbers and trends that separate winners from losers in NFL games.

The launch of CHFF Insider includes seven brand new Quality Stats that we’ll track each week of the season.

CHFF Insider still offers the same incredible intense analysis of every single NFL game, with our four-year proven track record of picking games straight up and against the spread.

But this year you’ll also find:

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  • new contributors, stories and more analysis than ever
  • stat-packed team reports for all 32 NFL team pre-game stat tables and analysis
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One of the new indicators we’re excited to follow is something we call Total Team Yards. We’ll also track Total Team Yards Allowed and Total Team Yard Differential.

We hope it will help you look at football as a sport of integrated moving parts each of which works together for the greater good, not a sport of isolated units playing in a vacuum.

Fans, analysts and box scores typically size up and even rank teams based solely on offensive yards. But so much of the game goes unmeasured when you look at that indicator.

The reality is that there are plenty of yards generated by each team each and every game in the kicking game, punting game and, defensively, with interception returns and fumble returns. Those yards all add up and have a material impact on the game.

Total Team Yards will allow us to measure their impact each game and throughout the season.

The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens were one of those teams looked much more impressive when measured by Total Team Yards than when measured merely by total offense.

The Ravens were a middle-of-the-road team offensively last year, a perfectly mediocre No. 16 with 5,640 yards of offense.

But they were an elite team in terms of Total Team Yards, fifth overall with 7,663 Total Team Yards. They were second in the NFL with 1,636 kick return yards, 10th with 404 punt return , yards, while adding 240 return yards defensively.

Their 2,023 non-offensive yards were third best in the NFL last year. For the sake of comparison, those hidden yards, which we don’t measure when sizing up opponents head to head, was nearly half the total offensive output of the Arizona Cardinals  in 2012.

We saw the impact of those yards in Baltimore’s 34-31 win over San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

Most folks look at the box score and see that the 49ers won the territorial battle with 468 yards of offense, to just 367 for the Ravens.

In reality, the Ravens won the territorial battle, but just barely. Baltimore generated 240 yards in the return game and on defense, to just 138 for the 49ers.

That gives us a Total Team Yards output of 607 to 606 in favor of the Ravens, a narrow territorial victory reflected in an oh-so-narrow 34-31 result that was in doubt until the 49ers were stopped for a final time at the Baltimore 5-yard line late in the fourth quarter.