A year ago, there was no doubt RG3 was the next best thing.

Now, we're not so sure.

All current Redskins drama aside, RG3 clearly isn't the same player he was last year. With no Playoff hopes, the Redskins deactivated Griffin for the remainder of the year. With the rumors of Mike Shanahan getting the boot, it wasn't long before Adam Schefter went on ESPN to say that if Kirk Cousins play's well, the team could deal Griffin.

Considering what they paid for him, I don't think it's likely. But with his health concerns, I can see why it's a possibility.

With that said, about half the teams in the league would make an offer for the youngster should he be put on the trade block.

Of the dozen or so teams that I believe would make an offer, which top 5 would suit the QB best?