In today's game the tight end position is more of a skill position and usually requires them to be fast, have size and great hands.

Guys like Rob Gronkowski, Jermichael Finley, and Jimmy Graham are your prototype guys for this position. They have been known to create mismatches for the opponent which was far different from the past.

In the past your average tight end had to block first then it was an added plus if he could catch.

They didn't get drafted high out of college which made it unpopular to be a tight end. It was rare to see tight ends be your best offensive weapon in the past but if they were, blocking still was a main priority.

Now how do we judge the top 10?

Mr. Controversy's top 10 consist of: Leaving your mark on the game, how relevant you were during the time you played, your blocking skills, and of course numbers. The tricky part is some players played when teams didn't pass much, and will be judge by their numbers back then. If they are up to par with today's stats or he was elite back then, that may get him on the list.

Let's get it!!