Jason Campbell in a game versus the Texans. With the postseason arriving very soon, I would like to show you and breakdown the top 4 quarterbacks going into this coming off-season.  With each quarterbacks note that I’ve chose these with my own opinion.  If you have any other players that you think should be on this list make sure you comment. 

Joe Flacco – BAL
First off I think he will re-sign.  The Ravens have found a good quarterback and just need to see that in the playoffs.  Even though he has 13 touchdowns, 2,331 yards passing, and a 88.3 rating he needs to show the fans and the team that he can continue that into the playoffs.  Recently the rumors about signing a extension have been heating up and they look to sign a new contract before the off season hits.  Last I think Flacco is the top quarterback because he has lead his team from the start and doesn't look to stop anytime soon. 

Jason Campbell – CHI
Now my thoughts on Campbell has changed a lot with Jay Cutler out.  Campbell has always been a favorite to me and as seen to contribute at any time he gets the chance.  So I like the position he is in right now.  He is becoming a Free Agent and now has a shots to show teams the he can still throw the ball and win football games. Of course he has been behind Cutler all season and has seen the field much, but he could have a shot at a change soon. Last I think he will go sign with another team but, it all depends on how he plays on the field while Cutler is out. We will watch and see.

Matt Leinart – OAK
Now I know what your saying, he is getting on the deep end and doesn't have much left but, even if a team like the Jags or the Jets took a chance on him I think he could be a good backup for any team looking to draft a young quarterback in the draft.  He has the experience to give to the players and teach some tips about the game.  Right now he is sitting behind Pro Bowler Carson Palmer and I would say get out of there.  I'm not saying Oakland is not a place to go, its just I think he could fit some where else and help out a team.  I do see him going to another team though. 

David Garrard – MIA
Now there is only problem that Garrard has and it’s of course injuries.  Of course when you are competing for a spot at starting you want to be healthy has possible.  Of course if you didn't hear that the Steelers have talked with Garrard and it looked to not turn out well.  The Steelers have no interest in Garrard and look to move on.  On the other side though Garrard is a "winner", he won games with the Jags before and I thought would bring the same mentality to the Dolphins.  Of course the Dolphins take star Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  Now that Tannehill got taken to Miami I still think they keep Garrard, but I could see up to 3 or 4 teams looking out for him in the off season.

That concludes my top 4 list of quarterbacks going into the 2013 offseason.  Make sure if you have anything to add or I could improve on comment below.