Top 5 'What If?' Moments In Super Bowl History

By Gary Jordan
January 31, 2013 8:53 pm
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There is no doubt that in each and every Super Bowl there are defining plays.

Ones that make or break the game for the competing teams.

It could be a long return on special teams, or an interception run back for a score.

Most times it is a long pass with a leaping grab that brings us to our feet, or that cutback on a run that stops everyone in their tracks as the running back goes the distance.

Sometimes though its a bit more than that. Players and teams have often been swallowed up by the pressure, or it's made them a bigger star than they already were.

So which five plays have changed the course of a game in a way which at the time didn't seem that big, or in fact has have gone on to create a dynasty?

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By Gary Jordan
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18 months ago
Gary-you raise some good points. I disagree though with your conclusion on that Steelers and Cowboys game. Granted, a TD catch by Smith ties the game, and Dallas had plenty of momentum at the end of the game, but I think Bradshaw would have found a way to help his team win that game. If it would have been Terry's 1st S.B. game then maybe not, but by '78 he was playing with a lot of confidence in the PO's.
17 months ago

I just think that game was so close until that point it was up for grabs, and a real "what if" moment in the game , and decade. Thanks for your comment.
17 months ago
What if McNabb DIDN'T vomit in the huddle. Tom Brady would only have 2 rings
17 months ago

Gross! Adams leg gave Brady the rings anyway. Thanks for the insightful comment !
17 months ago
I think the turning point in Super Bowl XXII was Dave Butz stuffing Elway on 3rd and 1, forcing an FG. If they had scored a TD, it could have gotten ugly.
17 months ago

A turning point perhaps, yes. But not a real "what if" moment. The Williams factor was just that.
17 months ago

Tut, tut! Semantics! Haha! "What if" the 400-year old Butz hadn't made the tackle?
17 months ago

They could have stopped them on next series, no one knows! That's the beauty of a what if scenario. In my opinion the fact Williams cam back into the game and engineered that points explosion is bigger factor.
17 months ago
What if The Patriots didnt cheat and Spygate didnt exist?!? Shocker they havent won a SB since...
17 months ago

Should we file that under Bountygate?
17 months ago

no, why would we? Saints and Patriots are two different teams.
17 months ago

Ok file both cases under "cheat"
17 months ago
That sack of Williams should have been Denver's ball. Williams fumbled the ball but the rule was that he was defenseless. That could have sewn the game up for the Broncos. The key to that game was the Redskins' RB. He still holds the record for yardage in a SB. The NFC was still stronger, faster and bigger than the AFC in the 80's.
17 months ago

Timmy Smiths running was exceptional that day but the quick return of Williams the real what if moment of the game in my opinion. Thanks for your comment.
16 months ago
In the Bills-Giants SB in 90, a what if that I noticed after watching the game deals with Keith McKeller. He caught this ball with around 32 seconds left that was down at his ankles. He would have been better off dropping it because they didn't really gain any yardage on it. After he catches it, the Bills used their final time out. If Keith drops that pass, the Bills could have thrown a deeper pass down the middle or to the sideline and either ran up and spiked it or got out of bounds and held onto their timeout. At worst, they get in better range for Norwood, and they go on to win.

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