Lombardi I have dedicated this article to my top five favorite Super Bowl commercials of all time.

It's not just about the game!Most of us will be tuning our giant flat screen TVs to CBS February 3rd to watch Super Bowl XLVII from New Orleans, LA at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in hopes of watching a great football game.

There is nothing like the hype and excitement in the weeks leading up to the big game. There is, however, a small faction of viewers who tune in for a different purpose: The Commercials.

With everyone else covering the game, I decided to stray from the beaten path. I have dedicated this article to my top 5 favorite Super Bowl Commercials of all time.


5. 1979: Coca-Cola — 'Mean Joe' Greene

Courtesy of Coca Cola –

This ad shows the kind of “hero worship” a lot of us grew up with, the kid tries to give a tired Greene a Coke as he limps to the locker room, insisting that he take it. Only at the end does Greene, a fierce defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, toss him his jersey as thanks.



4. 1984: Wendy's - Where's the Beef?

Wendy's Corporation

Back in 1984, Wendy's came up with one of the most memorable ad campaigns of all time. The phrase "Where's The Beef" caught on like wildfire with the connotation being that a Wendy's Hamburger was a comparatively bigger value than that of their competition.



3. 1995: Budweiser — Frogs

Courtesy of Budweiser

The Frogs! One frog says "Bud," the second says "weis" and the third frog finishes it all off with "errrr." Talk about brilliant advertising. It left everyone repeating this phrase like a frog for weeks.



2. 2011: Volkswagen - Young Vader

Volkswagen Corporation

The ad for the 2012 Volkswagen Passat features a young boy (played by Max Page) dressed as Darth Vader of Star Wars fame attempting to use “The Force” to start a washer and dryer, and to wake the dog and a doll. After he is unsuccessful in those attempts, he is startled to discover he can start the car, though his father actually did it using a remote control.



1. 2002: Budweiser — Clydesdales in New York

Courtesy of Budweiser


Simply watch, enough said. This one brought a tear to my eye.



Honorable mentions

2010: Snickers — Play like Betty White

Betty "plays" a football player who's lacking in just about every athletic skill. However, that all magically changes the moment she bites into a Snickers bar -- as a matter of fact, she turns into an athletic guy.


1984: Apple Macintosh – 1984

An allusion to George Orwell's noted novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which described a dystopian future ruled by a televised "Big Brother" (rumor was Big Brother” represented IBM)