Top 5 Running Backs With Careers Cut Short By Injury

By Nick Louder
February 18, 2013 8:13 am
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Today we're taking a look at the top five NFL running backs who had their career cut short by injury.

This is not just a list of random players. These are some of the best players to ever strap it on and step foot on an NFL field.

However, they do not get that recognition because of career ending injuries.

But they should. Is it their fault they were injured?

We can only imagine what these players would have accomplished had they not been injured. And who doesn't like to imagine? Heck, I just imagined I won an award for this slide show. Ya we all like to imagine impossible things.

This is a dedication to our imagination and to those players that deserve the recognition as the best to ever play, injury be damned.

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By Nick Louder
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2 years ago
I totally agree with your six injured running backs. I saw Gayle Sayers and Bo Jackson and I think Sayers should be #1. I feel he would have held rushing record for many years. Just my opinion.
2 years ago

I've only seen Sayers on film, but obviouslly from what I have seen I like him at three, but 2 and 3 are pretty interchangeable. I would never put him or anyone else ahead of Bo on a list like this or really any injury list.
2 years ago
Been a lontime Bronco fan and agree with this 100%. And as a Bronco fan am only saddened by the fact that Terrell Davis may never see the Hall of Fame because of this....
2 years ago

Perhaps there should be a Hall just for guys like this?
2 years ago
Priest Holmes should be on this list, too. He had at least two more seasons in him.
2 years ago
Curt Warner deserves a mention here,unfortunately he blew out his knee in his 2nd season, ,but still managed 56 touchdowns with a bum knee.
2 years ago

Huge Curt Warner fan. The problem is I only get pictures of Kurt Warner when I search. lol. I agree his injury wrecked his career. He just played to long after to make this list. And as much as a Curt fan I am I think there are others that might slot in above him. If I do a longer list I'll look harder into it.
2 years ago
Billy Sims was amazing to watch,If he had a full career we would be talking about him when we mention the greats of all time.I also think of Marcus Dupree when I see lists like this.Nice piece Bro.
2 years ago

Didn't even consider Dupree. I think you might have a point.

It's kinda sad I think that we, and by we I mean everyone else but me lol, put so much stock into longevity of careers or titles won, especially when it comes to football.

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