When the Miami Dolphins entered training camp, they were a chic team that made a bunch fo free agent moves, brought in a high-priced receiver and thought their second year receiver would wow everyone and become teh next elite quarterback.

They won their first three games, looked like the defense would be the best in the NFL and they were a team on the rise with playoff implications already being attached to them.

Then the bootm fell out, they lost games, could not find a running game, had issues internally with the oockerrom and its playes, had a "bullying" investigation and injuries all year that have plagued them. The offensive line has played at a subpar level and of course, they shock us all and win an important game in the snow against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Miami Dolphins might be the enigma of the NFL, a position the team does not need to be in the final month of the season. The Fins are tied for the sixth and final playoff spot. Here are five reasons the team will make the playoffs in 2013.

Geno Smith

It may be odd for us to start this way, but here is the reason Smith gets a nod here. Buffalo is 4-9 with a rookie quarterback. The Jets are 6-7 a game behind the Dolphins, team they lost to a week ago. At times Geno Smith looks like Randall Cunningham. The next week he looks like Akili Smith. The latter is what will keep the Jets down and allow the Dolphins to remain entranched in second place in the division.


Cameron Wake is one of the most underrated defensive ends in the game. Olivier Vernon and Paul Solari have been beasts this season. Can they play this way for the remainder of the season? Wake looks like a lock for the Pro Bowl. The secondary has come up huge when needed and the free agent linebackers Philip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe have been nice finds to help solidify the middle line.

Ryan Tannehill's legs

This is not a misprint and no, we should not be talking about his ultra-hot wife either. Tannehill did something we have not seen him do this season - take over a game with his running - against the Steelers. Tannehill admittedly had never played a football game in the snow until Sunday. Usually when he takes off to run, he makes mistakes. On Sunday he seemed more comfortable on the move.

The schedule

The Patriots, Bills and Jets... All three winable games. The Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski for the season against the Browns. The Jets are Jekyll and Hyde and the Bills may be fighting for a top five draft pick. The Dolphins could lose one of these games and still make the post season.


With everything that happened to this ball club, it just makes sense that karma pays off for this team. Mike Wallace has been inconsistent. The line is unbalaced. Daniel Thomas seems to have found a home as the lead back for the team and Tannehill has been sacked more times than Kim Kardashian has dated celebrities. this was the chic team to pick at the beginning of the season and I am still taking them to see the post season.