The Green Bay Packers have been counted down and out.  They have been bruised and broken.  Their defense has suffered injuries.  Their offense has been without their franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  They have been playing rotating quarterbacks.  They even called back much traveled Matt Flynn back to the fold.  Don't you worry Packer fans. 

Here are five reasons the Packers will make the playoffs:

5. Green Bay Packers 22 Atlanta Falcons 21

With a slim victory over the Falcons the Packers are mathematically alive for playoff contention. 

4. Detroit Lions 20 Philadelphia Eagles 34

The Packers can count on the Lions to fizzle now that the pressure in on.  As the Lions descend down the playoff ladder, the Packers will nimbly climb over their limp bodies towards the bright lights of the playoffs. 

3. Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Chicago Bears

These are the three teams the Packers will meet in the next three weeks. 

The Cowboys are bad during the month of December.  The Steelers are just bad this year. 

The Bears will present a problem.  That will problem will be mitigated because of reasons four and five. 

2. Eddie Lacy

For a team that has consistently depended on the passing game, Lacy is a welcome additon.  Lacy started out slow but has since gained his footing.  Lacy has rushed for 800 plus yards with seven touchdowns.  Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, Lacy rushed 20 times for 65 yards and one touchdown. 

He is a viable option to the pass first offense.

1. Aaron Rodgers

There is really nothing more to say.  Rodgers will return to lead his team to a deep playoff run. 

Is there really any doubt?


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