SchianoFor the third time in the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise, they have hired a head coach with college ties to forge winning teams and win Super Bowl titles.

It all started when the franchise was formed when the Culverhouse family hired University of Southern California head coach John McKay.

He did get Tampa Bay into the playoffs three times in his career, but he was sent packing.

In 1987, Culverhouse hired Alabama head coach Ray Perkins -- who had experience as an NFL head coach with the NY Giants, leading them to a playoff appearance in 1981.

After three-plus years, Perkins was never able to get Tampa Bay going in a winning direction. After a one-year stint as head coach at Arkansas State, he returned to the NFL as an assistant with the Patriots, Raiders and Browns. He is now the head coach of Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, Ms. The Bobcats are in the playoffs.

The Glazer family decided two years ago to bring in Greg Schiano, who had taken Rutgers Univeristy's moribund football program to successful, somewhat dizzying heights. He turned a laughing stock team into a perennial winner. The Glazer family thought that if he could do this at the State University of New Jersey, he could do it with a team that has been referred to on numerous occasions as "The Yuck-A-Neers."

No, nada, it hasn't happened. Granted, Tampa Bay finished 7-9 in 2012, but they're 0-9, even though some of the losses have been close.

So it appears that Schiano's days as an NFL head coach are dwindling like sands on the beaches of Tampa during a tidal wave. Schiano does have experience in the NFL as an assistant - with the Chicago Bears in the late 1990's - but not enough to be head coach.

So here are some Top Five Post-Tampa Bay potential destinations for Mr. Schiano.

1. Head coach at the University of Connecticut

Schiano would be perfect for this program. Like Rutgers once was, UCONN has Big East ties, and the football program has had some success recently. This would be a good fit for him because he's well familiar with the area.

2. Head coach at Florida Atlantic University

FAU is a program still in the early stages of growth. Carl Pelini - the brother of Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini - recently stepped down over allegations of drug use. Schiano wouldn't have to leave the state, and this would be a good fit for him as he could continue to add structure and consistency to a program fighting to compete with Florida, Florida State and Miami along with other schools for top-tier athletes.

3. Defensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Juding from the pasting they took from the Patriots this past Sunday, it appears there needs to be some changes afoot in Steeler land. Schiano could be of help there. Should they decide to replace Dick LeBeau, that is.

4. Head coach at Florida

The heat is on will Muscahamp in Gator Nation, especially after the loss to Georgia this past Saturday. Again, a chance for Schiano to stay in state and help a Gator program regain some of the swagger from back in the days of Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow.

5. Head coach at Southern California

Hey, why not? Sure, his name was and has been bandied about as a candidate for the Texas job, what with the heat on Mack Brown. That has leveled off some, but USC is looking for a coach. And with the success he had at Rutgers, that could bode well for him as Jim Mora is building UCLA back into a competitive force.