Some teams lack the talent to win games. Some teams lack the wins even with talent on the roster. And some teams have trouble consistently winning. Good teams have the necessary front office pieces in place with a head coach that fully maximizes the capabilities of its players. So without further ado...


belichick1.) Bill Belichick/--: I left the GM slot blank because Bill Belichick is his own brain trust. Over the past decade, many front office executives have either moved on to reputable positions or been replaced. On top of that, Belichick has cycled through many players. Regardless of changes per annum, the Patriots are consistent winners and mainstays in playoffs. A pupil of Hall of Famer Bill Parcells, Belichick has a thorough understanding of football. He is a true student of the game—always learning from mistakes and constantly adapting. The ultimate proof that no player is truly greater than the system.


2.)carroll and schneider Pete Carroll/John Schneider: With the Seahawks in a position to dominate for the next couple of years, we have to give credit to the people responsible for getting them here. The highly-touted Pete Carroll was asked to leave USC for an opportunity to coach the Seattle Seahawks at the end of the 2009 season. Together, Carroll and Schneider were in charge of overhauling a mess from the Jim Mora stint. It began with a gamble on Marshawn Lynch in 2010, giving up a 2011 fourth-round draft pick and a conditional 2012 pick to the Bills for the troubled, injury-prone runningback. Four solid draft hauls from 2010-2013 has allowed the Seahawks to win the division twice and culminating with the Superbowl win in the 2013 season finale.


3.)payton and loomis Sean Payton/Mickey Loomis: Also a pupil of Bill Parcells, Sean Payton was brought in to help turn around an aging team that finished 3-13 in 2005. The signing of former Charger Drew Brees was audacious at the least, as he was coming off of surgery on a torn labrum on his throwing shoulder. Looking in hindsight, it was a great move made by an aggressive GM in Mickey Loomis and confident Head Coach Sean Payton. Together they revamped the team and overhauled the aging roster through a series of successful drafts. Under Sean Payton's shrewd playcalling and Drew Brees' able arm, the Saints went on to field a devastating aerial attack which took the NFL by storm. In 2006 the Saints returned to the playoffs with the no. 1 ranked offense, Payton won the coach of the year award, and Loomis won the executive of the year award. Apart from Payton's suspension and the bountygate scandal of 2012, the Saints continue to be a successful team. New Orleans has acknowledged this and rewarded Sean Payton as the highest paid coach in the NFL. 



4.) Mike and ThomasMike Smith/Thomas Dimitrioff: The Falcons brought in defensive-minded Mike Smith from the Jacksonville and managed to snag the cunning Thomas Dimitrioff from the Patriots. The success that would eventually unfold began with the drafting of Matt Ryan and the fresh signing of former Charger Michael Turner in 2008. Thomas Dimitrioff's boldness and confidence in his ability to gauge player talent has allowed the Falcons to secure some of the league's top players on their roster. The move to acquire Tony Gonzalez for a second-round draft pick was a gutsy call at the time which ultimately solidified an area of weakness and gave Matt Ryan a security blanket. Finally, the blockbuster trade of 2011 to draft Julio Jones was the topping on the cake as it allowed them to transition from a solid team, winless in Janurary, into one of several NFC juggernauts. They regressed heavily in 2013 with major losses on both sides of the ball. But as long as the duo of Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitrioff remain intact, there is no doubt that they can right the ship and steer it back on course. 


5.)harbaugh and baalke Jim Harbaugh/Trent Baalke: Unlike the other 4 duos above them, Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke inherited a loaded roster and a plethora of draft picks. Many candidates could have done an admirable job with the same situation but you can't argue the accomplishments of these two. They gave an identity to a team that has lost its way since its glory days of the past. Three consecutive NFC championship appearances is no easy feat in this league especially when you consider that they underwent an offensive schematic overhaul in the middle of Harbaugh's second season. The head-scratching decision, at the time, to make Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback was a truly daring decision which sequentially lead to the evolution and improvement of the offense all together. Up to this point, Jim Harbaugh has done a fantastic job maximizing the talent of his players. And Baalke found several gems via the draft in Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, and Eric Reid but he will need to hit on more to keep up with their archrival the Seahawks.