The term "Diva" relating to the NFL, in my estimation, is that of a guy that looks for attention excessively and mostly un-necessarily.

Some have been very productive players that although not liked outside of their locker room or city they are quite frankly beloved by their own - ultimate team guys.

This list is not about those guys!

This list is all about the guy that was "me, me, me" first and me second. They were loud brash and rubbed their own the wrong way either while still in-house or on their way out the door (when their true colors shone through).

Some of the guys on this list blasted their own teammates, quarterbacks, organizations including both front office and ownership, and some even blasted fans just because. Most of the guys on this list were extremely talented and had highly productive careers, even border line Hall of Fame, but their attitudes and mouths just got in their own way.

Who do you think should have been No.1, who should have been added and if anyone on this list was ranked too high?