Top 5 NFL Divas Of All Time: The Loudmouths & Malcontents

By Gary Thomas
February 23, 2013 7:31 am
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Screen capture of a classic Terrell Owens moment. I'm a love me some me !!

The term "Diva" relating to the NFL, in my estimation, is that of a guy that looks for attention excessively and mostly un-necessarily.

Some have been very productive players that although not liked outside of their locker room or city they are quite frankly beloved by their own - ultimate team guys.

This list is not about those guys!

This list is all about the guy that was "me, me, me" first and me second. They were loud brash and rubbed their own the wrong way either while still in-house or on their way out the door (when their true colors shone through).

Some of the guys on this list blasted their own teammates, quarterbacks, organizations including both front office and ownership, and some even blasted fans just because. Most of the guys on this list were extremely talented and had highly productive careers, even border line Hall of Fame, but their attitudes and mouths just got in their own way.

Who do you think should have been No.1, who should have been added and if anyone on this list was ranked too high?

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By Gary Thomas
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2 years ago
Santonio Holmes #6
2 years ago

Interesting Bob, Holmes is on my "also ran" list...I plan to write one on that list as well, after doing my next top 5 list. stay tuned!
2 years ago
Limiting this list to 5 must have been tough. I would like to see a series like this - Top 10 Special team players, Best Backup Replacement, etc. But do 10 if you can. Better arguments with 10.
2 years ago

Rob, it was because unfortunatley there are so many of these guys around! LOL. The main criteria I used was the number of incidents and the frequency they happend along with the fact that each was ultimately run out of town. The kicker with doing a list of 10, is then there'll be the request for a list of 15 or 20. It could be endless and I like the idea of the "best of the best" so to speak here. I may try a list of 10 just to see, check back!
2 years ago
Deacon, great article but you tripping with Moss! Never "me" attitude but you should have replaced him with Brian Bosworth!!!
2 years ago

Raph, thanks! Bosworth is on the "also ran" list...I'll get that out soon. As for Moss, I disagree, he was definitely an all about me guy. I can't even begin to count how many times he ran crappy routes when his number wasn't being called or had alligator arms on a pass into traffic (only TO is on that level). The only time he piped down was when he was in New England, and maybe that's what might temper some negative feelings about him, but he was a negative quote machine for a long time in Minny; how many times did he throw Dante Culpepper under the bus (on and off the field)
2 years ago

The difference between TO and Moss is TO still did whatever it took to win - block, make the tough catch etc.
I think Kellen Winslow II deserves an honorable mention. Apparently his father was no better, but there was no instant internet in those days.
As for George, I hated him with a passion. I saw him fumble a snap and walk away - in a playoff game!
2 years ago

Al, I agree with the point on TO, he was an extremely hard worker and for the most part very reliable (my reference to his comeback for the Eagles v. Pats Super Bowl is all anyone needs to point to), he did periodically have aligator arms more than one might like in a top receiver; I don't recall any conversation about Jerry Rice doing that (I saw him play, not just hearsay). But overall an excellent receiver (HOF). Winslow II could make it to the "also ran" list, definitely a blowhard. Don't forget he publicly stated one of his college hero's was none other than Jeremy Shockey (nuff said). George was a head case, I see some (not all) similarity in Jay Cutler to George; some because Cutler will take a beating and keep fighting, he's just "flighty" as heck!
2 years ago

Jerry had his fair share, but because he wasn't a dick, no one made a big deal out of it. I can see the Cutler/George comparison and I've heard it before, but I haven't seen the same level of solipsism from Jay.
2 years ago

Good point about Rice, but i think a part of that came from being a small school guy; he was driven to prove how good he was, because of that. Interesting choice of words describing George, while Cultler is AS sel-absorbed it was his I'm the best attitude that got him out of Denver.
2 years ago

Agree about Rice, but the chip on his shoulder served him well. As for Cutler, I'll bow to your superior wisdom. I've drifted from the NFL lately, focusing on college ball. The only thing I'd add in his favor is Urlacher going to bat for him when he sat out the second half of a playoff game. No one would do that for George. Not even his mother.
2 years ago
Good list but I would put Jeff George as the top diva, he had the tools to have a Hall of Fame career and could stop himself from being a jerk. T.O. and Moss at least were able to put up big numbers and produce for their teams. Although neither WR won a Super Bowl at least they had been in one. George has never accomplished a thing as a player.
2 years ago

Agreed about TO & Moss, TO more because when he was on the field (and working out) he gave max effort, didn't have the "I'll play when I want to attitude that Moss showed at times! George, as top based on talent and overall lack of production, I could see that.
2 years ago
"Moss' statistics litter NFL record books and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer" and a cancer in the locker room. BTW, I'm not saying other sports' HOFs are any better, but I do believe an over-reliance on statistics guarantees they'll be filled with players who are not the kind of role models I want for my kids.
2 years ago

While I absolutely agree with you on the matter of role models and as a father of 4 I would really love for ALL of our pro athlete's to give a damn. Unfortuantely, that's a pipe dream as they are human too and just a smaller percentage of overall society but never the less like the general public has folks with serious issues so to does the pro sports world. As for HOF, well stats and affect on the game as a whole (like the consummate winner that doesn't have the requesite stats that gets into the HOF) are and should be the only criteria used. I say that because baseball as an example of another sport, if it used the good character criteria, you and I both prefer, then 2 of the greatest ballplayers would not be in baseball's HOF, Ty Cobb & Babe Ruth. Both were on the fringe of societal narcissists (drinking, womanizing, physically abusive and more). Again, I'm with you but that what it is now.
23 months ago
I'm thinking Chad Johnson/Ochocinqo had to be a top ten diva! For a diva tough guy, I'd throw in Mark Gastineau of the 80s Jets...he went from all pro to diva in a hurry. Deion Sanders and his no-tacling and diva attitude and dancing should be a top 10.

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