After suffering an injury last season and younger talent coming in for the Broncos, Denver had no choice but to let veteran running back Willis McGahee go. 

Willis McGahee was doing a fairly good job for Denver last season until he unfortunately went down with an injury. After McGahee took a permanent seat on the bench, so-called bust Knowshon Moreno came in and did a great job filling in for McGahee. Denver's dreams of Moreno actually working out were crushed when Moreno suffered an injury during the divisional playoff game vs. the Baltimore Ravens. He doesn't seem to be getting any better as he is still down with an injury during mini-camp. Well, it's a new season, and new talent has flooded the scenes of Broncos' summer activities. 

Denver drafted the Wisconsin stud Montee Ball who has really been showing up in OTA and mini-camp, and also second-year man Ronnie Hillman is making a case for himself. Hillman's problem last season was he wasn't big enough to be used in pass protection. Hillman was only put in during running plays where they didn't need pass protection, and this made Hillman much less versatile than McGahee and Moreno. Coming into the summer, he has already put on 15 pounds of muscle since last season and is sure to move up the depth chart this season.

With all these young backs out-performing McGahee, Denver was forced to let him go. His career isn't over though, so here are 5 teams he could end up playing for this upcoming season.