It is time for the training wheels to come off.

Each cyclist in the Incognito-Martin feud must ride on their own power, without the cooing of Brian Hartline or support of Ryan Tannehill, who's mindblown. To jeopardize the dignity and integrity of others - it's unfair to the coaches, to the teammates, to the organization, and to Dolphins fans.

The gravity of this issue requires thorough investigation - I agree with that - but in its current fragile state the media must hold back from jumping aboard and propelling the boat in the direction they want it to be heard. 

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said he trusts Philbin "with his children," adding that it's the "highest compliment I can give another man."

Martin checked into a South Florida hospital for emotional distress last week, from sustaining harassment and bullying done by Richie Incognito. Head coach Joe Philbin visited him, not out of protocol, not to save face, but because he himself is a compassionate person.

If he's not coaching the Miami Dolphins in 2014, there are a few viable options...