Darren McFaddenDarren McFadden is at the end of his six-year rookie contract with the Oakland Raiders.  In his six years with the Raiders, McFadden has never played more than 13 games in a season. 

In the last three years he has missed at least four games. And now the Raiders are considering putting him on season-ending IR. 

Now the question remains, has McFadden played his last season as a Raider? And I understand if you are a Raiders fan, or a fantasy hopeful who drafted McFadden, I am using the word "play" loosely. 

Anyway, where does he go from here?

There is no doubting McFadden has talent. But what good is all that talent sitting on the sideline? Is there any team that would take him? 

Is there a fantasy owner who would draft him?

Here are five possible stopping destinations for McFadden in 2014.

Baltimore Ravens

There is no rational explantion for what the Baltimore Ravens are doing with their offense. 

Ray Rice has been rendered inept by their offensive schemes. For the season Rice has an anemic 549 yards on 185 rushes and four touchdowns. This season he is averaging a career low 3.0 yards a carry. That is 1.4 yards less than last year. That is also 2.3 yards less than his all-time high average. 

It is clear the Ravens are not concerned with the talent pool at running backs that they have. Acquiring McFadden would increase the available running backs they have and are not utilizing. 

Houston Texans

Ben Tate will most likely depart for better opportunities. Arian Foster will be the No. 1 running back when he returns next season. With the real possibility of injuries, the Texans will be in search of a reliable No. 2. Without the pressure of having to perform each and every week, McFadden is the man. 

Indianapolis Colts

Trent Richardson has not lived up to the expectations. Donald Brown is exceeding his expectations. One more running back in the rotation eases expectations all the way around. The Colts would be fashioning their running back tandem in the model of the New Orleans Saints. Utlilizing a trio of running backs has allowed Mark Ingram to slowly overcome his frailties. It would do the same for both Richardson and McFadden.

New England Patriots

Coach Bill Belichick has no problem sitting his star running back when he fumbles. That could mean a need for lots of backups. Having a talent like McFadden ready and waiting is good business. There is also a greater chance he will be healthy when needed. 

New York Jets

Chris Ivory is slowly coming around. Bilal Powell isn't. Ground and pound is a two, possibly three man job. Besides the Raiders there is no better team at handling dysfunction. There is also no team better at acquiring misfit toys, than the Jets. 

McFadden is frail. He belongs on a team where he is not the principal and not dependent on being an every-down back. 

While he is no longer fantasy gold or bronze, there are NFL teams that can utilize his limited service. In a stable rotation of backs he is servicable. 


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