In terms of college football coaching, Mack Brown is an institution. In terms of college football coaching at the University of Texas, Mack Brown is a God. Ever since he set foot on campus the Longhorns have been a staple of success in the Big 12, and the BCS. This year, however, the team – and the coach - may have lost a step or two.

Two consecutive sub-par seasons on campus, this season proving to be one of the toughest in his tenure as a head football college coach in general and there are rumors and a buzz that this will be Brown’s last season in Austin.  Everything is bigger in Texas – including the troubles with the college football program.

And with Nick Saban being the hot topic, should he win another national title, there is plenty to talk about if Brown leaves the program or is fired after the season where the Longhorns currently sit at 7-3 this season.

“Nick is a friend and he’s done a tremendous job at Alabama,” Brown said on “Nick’s not trying to get my job, I mean, I know Nick. So I don’t have to worry about that. And if I do my job, there won’t be any job to be open to get, so I think that’s the other thing.”

He may not be attempting to take Brown’s job, but just knowing the Crimson Tide coach might be interested is enough to stoke the fire a bit.

If he leaves – for whatever reason – at the end of the season, here are five candidates to replace him.