Top 5 Candidates To Replace Mack Brown At Texas

By David Levin
November 26, 2013 10:38 am
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In terms of college football coaching, Mack Brown is an institution. In terms of college football coaching at the University of Texas, Mack Brown is a God. Ever since he set foot on campus the Longhorns have been a staple of success in the Big 12, and the BCS. This year, however, the team – and the coach - may have lost a step or two.

Two consecutive sub-par seasons on campus, this season proving to be one of the toughest in his tenure as a head football college coach in general and there are rumors and a buzz that this will be Brown’s last season in Austin.  Everything is bigger in Texas – including the troubles with the college football program.

And with Nick Saban being the hot topic, should he win another national title, there is plenty to talk about if Brown leaves the program or is fired after the season where the Longhorns currently sit at 7-3 this season.

“Nick is a friend and he’s done a tremendous job at Alabama,” Brown said on “Nick’s not trying to get my job, I mean, I know Nick. So I don’t have to worry about that. And if I do my job, there won’t be any job to be open to get, so I think that’s the other thing.”

He may not be attempting to take Brown’s job, but just knowing the Crimson Tide coach might be interested is enough to stoke the fire a bit.

If he leaves – for whatever reason – at the end of the season, here are five candidates to replace him.

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22 months ago
Applewhite was recruited by, but never played for Mackovic. His first season to play at Texas was 1998, which happened to be the first season for Mack Brown. The only coach on this list that has a remote chance is Saban and his wife has already categorically denied they would be leaving Alabama. Do some research. The information is out there, but this list is terrible.
22 months ago

Well, Arlie... thanks fort eh info. As for the article, it is opinion. Who I see as a potential candidate. And as far as this comment - only coach on this list that has a remote chance is Saban and his wife has already categorically denied they would be leaving Alabama - In the end Saban will decide if he goes or not and I don't trust what a report about wife wife's comments. Didn't Saban categorically deny leaving the Dolphins once?
22 months ago

I did say there was a remote chance of Saban as the next head coach. In fact, he will probably get the first offer. Whether he takes it is anybody's guess. The top of the list starts with established coaches who have won championships. In college, think Saban, Meyers; NFL, think Tomlin, Carroll, Harbaugh. That's not to say any of them will accept, but they will be the top targets. I'm just saying there is a lot of information out there and all of the candidates you listed, save Saban, are far down the list. You didn't even mention Briles (contract extension with a $5M buyout), Fedora, Malzahn or Mora; who would be the next tier. You should at least know which coach Applewhite played for before speculating on his professional future.
22 months ago
I wonder if Art Briles should be on the list. I honestly think UT should keep Brown though. Before him the last time the Horns won a national championship was 1970. Mack has had them in the title game twice and won one (and honestly if Colt had stayed in the game against Bama they might have won two). Coaches of Brown's caliber do not grow on trees, and if they run Brown out they might miss what they had when it's gone.
22 months ago

Brown has a winning percentage of less than 60% over the past four seasons and is clueless when recruiting quarterbacks. RG3 and Johnny M. were both interested in playing qb at Texas, however, Brown recruited them as defensive backs. Inexcusable as Texas has struggled with Division 2 talent at the position the past four years. All of this while being paid well over $5 million annually. Only Texas pays top dollar for mediocire performance. Give Art Briles the same talent level and Baylor would have more than UT's two pathetic Big 12 titles in the past 15 years.
22 months ago

You are making my point. 'Over the last 4 seasons...' Dear God the body of work that this coach has produced is astounding. You sound like a spoiled UT brat that everyone complains about (this from a die hard Longhorn).
22 months ago

I tend to agree with you Michael. Briles and Sumlin should both be on that list. Although, I still go with Debo Sweeney from Clemson.
22 months ago
Very interesting article David. I only see one coach on this list with a remote chance of being in Austin next year. That would be Sumlin. No way Saban leaves Alabama. Saban IS Alabama. I remember several years ago Coach K making the same flirtations about leaving Duke, but ultimatley, his heart wouldn't let him go. No way Texas hands that program to the un tested Major Applewhite and if they fire Brown, his staff will be gutted anyhow. Several names that did not make the list are:

Will Muschamp, Florida: Head coaching experience and major ties to Texas.
Chris Peterson, Boise State: What a record this guy has at a mid major. Remember, they nabbed Brown from North Carolina, not known as a football Mecca.
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys: If Garrett gets axed in Dallas, would he make the trip South?

However, this is the guy I see getting this job if Brown is fired:

Debo Sweeney, Head Coach, Clemson: Again, Brown was nabbed from the ACC. 2nd, noone can argue with this guys record turning around Clemson. Pressure isnt an issue because Clemson is a football first school that packs the house, Sweeney is a amazing recruiter (NFL players out the wazoo) and he is just plain good. What do you think?

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