Manning Denver Broncos

Many may say that Peyton Manning doesn’t have the arm strength he had five years ago, but the man can still ball.

Manning proved everyone wrong about his neck injury and the questions regarding him taking brutal hits last season.

Throwing for 4,659 yards, 37 touchdowns with an additional of 105.8 rating puts the Broncos at the top.

Some of the new weapons added to this pass-happy offense seals the deal for their potential this upcoming season. Wes Welker has a chance to shine once again with a future Hall of Famer. Demaryius Thomas has established himself as one of the premier receivers in the league today after his last few seasons.

Remember, he made Tim Tebow look professional at times.

Houston Texans

Adding DeAndre Hopkins may have been the smartest move out of Houston in the last two years. Andre Johnson can now sit-back and catch 85 passes while gaining over 1,400 yards again.

Johnson now has a running mate to take heat off his intimidating receiving ability for the course of a season. Matt Schaub now has to lead this team back into the playoffs.

Arian Foster can’t do it all, and this team has the talent to further their playoff run after beating Cincinnati two straight times at home in the Wild Card.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady can no longer dump it off to Wes Welker across the middle. Rob Gronkowski needs to play at least 13 games this upcoming season, and the Patriots' running game still seems to surprise opposing defenses.

Somehow, this Patriots team just finds ways to shred defenses from their passing attack. Tom Brady will once again find a way to utilize his unproven receivers who were picked up through the NFL Draft this year. Can we say divisional champs in 2013?

Cincinnati Bengals

Heading into this season, the questions are hounding Andy Dalton about his deep ball accuracy and playing ability. This may surprise some of you football fans but the Bengals can potentially have one of the best passing attacks in 2013.

A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu, Jermaine Gresham, Tyler Eifert, and Giovani Bernard can possibly help Andy Dalton take that leap.

Not every team can argue they have two No. 1 tight ends on their team except for New England. The pieces are there for Dalton, but it’s time for them to prove the “Who Dey Nation” belong with the heavy hitters.

San Diego Chargers

Now many of you football fans out there may not agree with me on this decision to rank the Chargers’ in this spot, but they have the pieces to punishing opposing defenses this season.

Looking back at last season, Danario Alexander dominated down the stretch of the season and many hardly noticed; except for fantasy owners. Alexander hauled in 37 catches, 658 yards, and seven touchdowns averaging 17.8 yards a catch.

Danario Alexander posted those numbers in 10 games last season, and with a full 16 games, who knows this guy’s potential. Philip Rivers can take this team as far as he wants if he doesn’t turn over the ball. Keenan Allen has the opportunity, alongside of Robert Meachem, to help Rivers stay clean.

Just missed the cut:

Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens.