QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints - Brees will be a Saint for the rest of his career, and nobody is going to stop him from leaving, but let's say that the Saints dont re-sign or franchise him. Here are the possibilities. The Miami Dolphins came very close to signing him back in his San Diego days, but decided it wouldnt be "for the best" -- but we all know how that turned out. So, that makes them a "contender" in this Drew Brees sweepstakes. The Redskins have always made a HUGE splash in free agency, so what makes us think that they won't try and do it again by getting Brees?

Brees' landing spot: New Orleans Saints. Nope, he doesn't leave. He will retire a Saint and go for a Super Bowl in New Orleans next season.

WR Wes Welker, New England Patriots - Welker, a former Dolphin, is a free agent and reports are saying his contract talk are "at a standstill", which means by March 6th, if he's not franchised, he's open to signing with any team. He most likely will get franchised but is not for sure just yet. Teams that are in the sweepstakes for Welker are the Patriots, Jets, Chargers. The Jets would love to grab Welker to help out Sanchez and his starting spot, and it is very possible that he will be A J-E-T, Jet, Jet, Jet.

Welker's landing spot: New England Patriots. Once Again, A prized free agent stays with his original team.

WR Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers - Wallace, although an RFA, is probably the most likely free agent on this list to switch teams. The steelers are not likely franchising him, and don't have the cap room to pay him big money. The Bengals, Ravens, Patriots and 49ers are the teams that are most intrested in Wallace and his services. If the Patriots re-sign Welker, then you might count them out of the Wallace sweepstakes. The Bengals have two first rounders in the Draft and are $60 million under the cap, which means they are the biggest possible destination for Wallace. The 49ers need a receiver and have a late 1st rounder and don't necessarily need it, so the 49ers are the 2nd most possible destination for Wallace. Landing in Baltimore is a possibility, but not very. With Boldin and Torrey Smith playing well and them trying to run the ball more, you might just count that as a Fantasy Drafted Madden Team, because it won't matter and won't happen.

Wallace's landing spot: Cincinnati Bengals. Yes, A division rival just got much younger and better. If this move goes down, look out.