Top 10 Wastes Of Talent In the 2012 NFL Season

By Anique Garcia
January 08, 2013 10:01 am
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With a new year comes a new attitude. Let's face it this season could have been a bust.

Let’s take a look back to see what players could have owned up to their potential but didn’t quite hit the mark.

What was it?

Many players were injured and subsequently benched.

While others didn’t get that much game time due to coaching mishaps and others were just plain horrible.

Let's not mention the ones who had their share with the law. Their names got enough press, so sorry guys no mugshots here!

What players let us down the most? Did any make your top 10?

Here are my NFL 2012's Wastes of NFL talent.


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By Anique Garcia
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2 years ago
NOT including Randy Moss on your list of the biggest waste(s) of talent in the NFL this past season has me convinced that you're every bit as insane as Jim Harbaugh was for not ORDERING his quarterback(s)to throw the ball to him. But I consider Harbaugh even dumber for keeping Moss on the sidelines for 77% of the team's snaps. Moss may not have the same "If we're even I'm leavin" speed that he had back when he was still in his athletic prime (and who can you name--other than Joey Galloway--who had the same straight-ahead speed at age 35 that he did 10 years earlier??). But having him on the field and including him in your pass patterns not only makes the receivers across from him more dangerous, it also makes Frank Gore and play action passing more effective as well.

Other than Moss serving as an occasional decoy (or cheap insurance policy if Crabtree or Davis dropped dead), why the f--k did they get him?


Santa Monica
2 years ago
How about Titus Young in Detroit? His demotion was self imposed, but he was on the verge of breaking out.
2 years ago
Thanks for the comments Clifford and David! Both players are duly noted. These are only a few of many that can do better next season.

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