One of the greatest debates in sports will always be who is the best quarterback or who are your top ten all time quarterbacks.

It is almost guaranteed that each list will be different. What do you suppose to base this list off of? Well, there are a few options. Here is how I based my top ten.

Leadership: This is one quality that all quarterbacks should possess. You can't be considered great if you're just a game manager. That means the coach doesn't trust you or your team won't trust you. It's equivalent to babysitting your little brother, just making sure he doesn't tear up anything and that he eats. You're just in charge of not messing up.

Statistics: It's no way you can be elite if your numbers doesn't match up with the elite. There are exceptions to this rule factoring in that the old time players didn't have the set of rules that some of the latest QBs have now. For instance the cornerbacks could basically push, grab and hit you before the the ball was out of the QB hands back then. Now if you blow on them, you might draw a flag. Also they didn't protect the QB like they do  now.

This consist of Super Bowls, TDs, passer rating and so on.

Being Clutch: You have to at least have a little chilled water in your veins. Game winning drives, diving for a first down and making an unbelievable throw all have something to do with being clutch. Of course you have to come up big in the big games or biggest stage. If this isn't an asset of the quarterback then he won't make my list.

Relevance: Your relevance to NFL history is a must. There's no way you can be a great if you're not know for anything that separates you from any other quarterback. It can be your throwing motion as long as you're numbers and stats prove you belong. Also it's anyway that you've impacted the game. Anything that leaves a legacy!

This list might upset some folks, make you say I'm a genius or have you wondering what is my reasoning for making that decision.  Side note, you have to have at least seven years that you started. Aaron Rodgers will be on here soon.

This is all expected when you are MR.CONTROVERSY.