There have been 348 documented sets of brothers to play in the rich history of the NFL. Six sets of brothers share the last name Smith, but none of them make this list. 

Marcus and Michael - The Vick Brothers -- are No. 1 all time in criminal rating among NFL brothers. 

Thanks to nicknames in the field of aerial weaponry, the Brothers Ismail are one of the most popular brother sets in NFL history, peaking specifically in the male demographic, ages 6-42. 

In the 1940s, Clyde and Owen Goodnight set the standard for NFL brothers with sleep-inducing names. 

Finally, in the interest of mentioning every notable brother duo who didn't make the Top 10, wouldn't it be something if the Gramatica Brothers were beaten mercilessly by the Karras Brothers and Pouncy Brothers? Soon after, Cullen and Kris Jenkins piled on. So too did the Kalil's.

On to the list.