The frigid month of December has always indicated two things for me. One, I actually have to wake up early to see if I have to shovel my car out of a mountain of snow so can make it to work on time. Second, NFL games in the month of December have more meaning and implications than any other time of the season.

This is the time of the year in the NFL where certain teams are attempting to lock up playoff spots.  While others are fighting for their lives just to snag a wild-card.  Divisional rivalries become more intense, particularly if one team is in the playoff hunt and other is not (I imagine there is nothing more satisfying when a donkey ruins the season of a stuff).  While, other teams such as Kansas City and Jacksonville, who have no hope of a playoff spot, are just trying out players to see what they may have for next year.

But it's the games where major implications are on the line that really intrigue us.  It makes for both gripping telivision and the chance for our stress levels to sky-rocket while we wait with baited breath to see if our teams we love can actually get in to the post-season. Where if one team wins they have secured home-field, while if the other loses, they are now on the brink of playoff elimination.  

There are plenty of great match-ups coming up this month that have those particular implications.  Here are the top ten must-see games that should be on your list to catch this month.