Top 10 Most Surprising NFL Players of 2012

By Michael Quinn
November 15, 2012 4:48 pm
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Ten weeks in, and the 2012 season is shaping up to be the way just about no one thought it would.

Teams like the Seahawks and Vikings have a great chance of making the playoffs, while playoff expected teams like the Eagles and Saints are already just about out of contention.

Why are underdog teams all of the sudden in playoff talk?

Because of their under-the-radar superstar players.

What players are helping their team go the extra mile?

Who is so far having the season of their career?

What underdog(s) might win the much coveted MVP award?

Let's take a look at the 'Top 10 Most Surprising Players Of 2012'.

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2 years ago
I'm really not surprised at all with J.J. Watt or Peyton Manning. I expected to get Peyton as usual, and I heard so much hype surrounding him before the year by his coaches and the media as "a future hall-of-famer" and "best d-lineman in the league". Not saying he hasn't lived up to those standards, because he pretty much has. I think Percy Harvin and and Josh Freeman could replace those two on this list, not in the same spots, but just on the list.
2 years ago

I think Peyton's spot is justified. No one thought he would be competing at an MVP level... Thanks for the read
2 years ago
Did I read this correctly? Doug Martin and Russel Wilson are the only possible roty candidates? I think you're missing a couple quarterbacks there.
2 years ago

If you're talking about RG3 and Andrew Luck, you're wrong. Wilson and Martin have both performed better than them.
2 years ago

Andrew luck is in contention, but I bet Wilson wins it when he gets the Seahawks to the playoffs
2 years ago

Dont get me wrong i really like russel wilson, I've tought he was better than both tannehill and the 29 yr old rookie since before the draft and they were both first rounders.
2 years ago

Ill give you wilson has the most passing tds, but they all have about the same total tds. RG3 has a better passer rating and Luck has thrown for 800 more yards. And as far as QBR goes Wilson doesn't compare.
2 years ago
I love JJ Watt, but also think that Charles Tillman and Daryl Washington should be ahead of him in the DPOY race. Good article.
2 years ago

Washington is an animal but i see it coming down to tillman and watt. I think 15 sacks gets it for watt and ten ff gets it for tillman.
2 years ago
I wouldve had Doug Martin at the 1. and maybe wouldve put Tannehill on there, he has surprised me so far
2 years ago
but peterson is also a good choice, no one saw that coming
2 years ago
Josh Freeman is having a solid season!! Came into the game vs. Carolina with 2257 yds, 18 td, 5 int, 98.2 qbr. He is benefitting from having Doug Martin but Josh has been efficient.

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