Top 10 Greatest AFC/NFC Conference Championship Games

By Tom Pollin
January 10, 2013 11:03 am
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In 1966, after the NFL and AFL had begun an ever more expensive bidding war for talent, they came to an agreement to merge.

The two leagues agreed to:

  • Keep separate schedules through the 1969 season.
  • Run a unified draft of college players
  • Play a world championship game beginning at the end of the 1966 season
  • Make the merger official in 1970 with the leagues forming two conferences.

They also agreed to incorporate the history and records of both leagues into the new NFL but the AFL name and logo would be retired.

From that point, league championship games became conference championships to decide the Super Bowl participants.  Even though the conference championships games are overshadowed by the Super Bowl and don’t hold the same prestige, there still have been a number of hard-fought games in the AFC and NFC.

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By Tom Pollin
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
On slideshow #9:
Vernon Davis not Vernon Wells.
"This was the first playoff overtime under the new scoring rules..."
Steelers@Denver was. Remember the first play touchdown pass from Tebow?

Then there was also the 1994 NFC Championship game, which was full of anticipation. Two powerhouses, the Cowboys and the 49ers. The previous season, Jimmy Johnson guaranteed a victory right before the game, and the Cowboys won. 'This was the third straight season that the Cowboys and 49ers met in the NFC Championship Game, with Dallas winning the first two conference title games. San Francisco quarterback Steve Young still faced the pressure of "never being able to win the big ones", while Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman entered the game with a 7–0 win-loss record as a starter in the playoffs.'
I remember Eric Davis returning a pick-6 right away.
2 years ago

Thanks for the catch on both mistakes. I try to be very careful with names and I missed on that one. On the other, I didn't forget the Steelers@Denver game, I meant to say first championship game overtime. I'm getting both fixed but it's still embarrassing.

That 1994 game was on my list of finalists. Steve Young not only had to face the pressure of replacing a Hall of Fame quarterback, he had intense pressure to win a Super Bowl. Definitely one worth remembering.

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