Tony Romo Earlier this offseason, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave his quarterback Tony Romo a six-year contract extension, worth $108 million with $55 million guaranteed.

When I first heard about this, I said to myself "What the heck? All that money for a guy with only one playoff win in his career? Is Jones crazy or just plain stupid?"

But the more I thought about it, I realized it was not Jones who really made the deal, it was Romo and his agent.

The real reason the Eastern Illinois University graduate received a lofty contract is when he and his agent sat down with Jones to talk about Romo's contract, his agent told Jones something like "I know Romo's not an elite QB. But he is good enough to get you close to the playoffs where with just a little luck, you can be in the postseason."

He is right. There are only about five or six starting QBs in the league. Yes, 32 guys are starting, but only about five or six are true starters. Romo is not one of them.

His agent probably used the fact that there are only a handful of guys who can come in and get Dallas to the cusp of the playoffs and that his client was one of those guys. Romo and his agent pretty much had Jones over a barrell with that fact. And Jones probably thought he had no choice but to give Romo what he wanted.

But what I question is if he is only good enough to get you to the cusp of the playoffs where you must depend on luck to get in, is he worth all that money? I can see him making it if he won a Super Bowl or two, but he only has one playoff win since 2003 when his career began.

I could justify the big payday if he put up the kind of numbers that warrant it, but throwing three picks in the final game of the season against the rival Washington Redskins with a playoff spot on the line, basically costing the team a spot in the postseason, that is not deserving of a huge deal like that. Romo just does not perform well with so much on the line.

I guess he and Candace Parker can now take the guaranteed $55 million dollars and live happily ever after, because as long as he is playing QB for Dallas, he will be anything but happy At season's end from now on.