Tony RomoThere is no doubt scrutiny will surface for any player wearing a Dallas Cowboy uniform.

From Michael Irivin to Nate Newton in recent history. Hollywood Henderson, Rafeal Septien and Lance Rentzel in previous decades shared the spotlight in a negative way.

Of course - those Cowboys propelled themselves into the world's eyes based on their own actions.

One Cowboy has come under fire like no other simply by showing up on Sundays.

Tony Romo has become the subject of so much media conversation over the last 10 years you'd think he has won five Super Bowls, six MVPs and could lay claim to being one of the NFL's all-time top-rated passers.

Well, at least one of those is true. But because he has been part of a franchise that has failed to win but one playoff game in 10 years, he has been on the receiving end of all the blame.

Most of Cowboys Nation would love to see Jerry Jones trade or cut him. And the remainder of the NFL world bathes in the demise each year of the Dallas Cowboys and suggest Romo shoulders every ounce of responsibility.

Of course, there are reasons that suggest why he should remain a Cowboy and why the Cowboys under Romo have come up short, but not by his own doing.

1 His passer rating

The top 10 passer ratings of all time include in the top 5? You guessed it - Romo.

Aaron Rodgers sits at 105.2. Steve Young sits at 96.8. Peyton Manning is at 96.7 and Tony Romo is at 96.1.

For history's sake - Joe Montana, perhaps the NFL's greatest quarterback, is at 92.3.

Nobody would suggest Romo is in the same company with these legends or soon to be legends, but the numbers - as they say - don't lie.

2 His owner

Every expert on ESPN, The NFL Network, coaches and players across the league alike - all agree Jerry Jones is the sole reason why the Cowboys have failed to achieve success since the Jimmy Johnson era. Jerry insists on single handidly remaining involved in day to day football operations.

Because of his success off the field - he has deemed himself worthy of attempted success on the field as an owner. In the time Romo has been a Cowboy, Dallas has seen head coach after coach parade through Big D like cattle at an auction.

Equally troubling has been the failure of Jones and his staff to surround Romo with the same talent Johnson surrounded Aikman with. Jones is far from a football talent evaluator and has fired proven championship coaches because of their failure to admit shared success - case in point, Jimmy Johnson.

3 His team or lack of

The key to the success of the Cowboys under Jimmy Johnson was Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. Tony Romo has hardly had a back with half the career as Smith. But even when great backs were available for the Cowboys in the NFL draft. Jerry Jones managed to outhink the room and trade away a future great that could have been there with Romo.

In 2004 the Cowboys traded an early round pick and passed on Steven Jackson. Instead, they opted for Notre Dame running back Julius Jones. Jones surpassed the 1,000-yard mark one  time in 2006 - the year Romo was to begin his years as a starter. Since then the likes of Marion Barber, Tashard Choice and Felix Jones carried the load from the backfield position, and Romo was left without a proven veteran. Barber failed to reach 1,000 yards and Jones fell short in 2010 at 800 yards. Not exactly bust worthy material for Canton.

His receivers speak for themselves. And boy do they speak.

Locker room and now sideline prima dona Dez Bryant has all the makings for a Michael Irivin  - too bad his talents are overshadowed by his on field antics and equally his choices off the field. This is critical for Romo. its one thing to fail where Dallas has in providing the team with a steady running back, but to have your top receiver attempt to cast doubts on the coaches and his own quarterbacks play is clearly a sign of a misguided team that starts with the man upstairs.

Past Dez, again Dallas is somewhat strapped for talent.

4 There are only about five better quarterbacks than Romo today

When you get past Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers ,Peyton Manning and Drew Brees - It could be argued Tony Romo is the next best option for any team when it comes to the quarterback position.

Matt Ryan, Mathew Stafford and Andrew Luck clearly are cemented as the future for their perspective teams. Cam Newton, Eli, Rivers and Cutler and even Russell Wilson equally are the chosen generals for each of their teams - but Romo could very easily push for the position if he were a free agent at some time for all of these teams.

The remainder of the league? Romo Starts today for every team in the NFL - period. Imagine Romo in Houston with Arian Foster and Andre Johnson the last few years or Minnesota with Adrian Peterson?

Raider Nation to this day is still looking to replace Kenny Stabler.

5 His career stats are tops

The first thing most pundits and critics of Romo bring up are the playoff wins or lack of under Romo, and perhaps even some quirky fumbles or errant passes. But his stats are without question some of the best.

Tony Romo in his short career has thrown only 96 interceptions. He's passed for over 27,000 yards. He has averaged over 20 touchdown passes each year and is already at that number in 2013.

He has surpassed the 4,000-yard mark four times and nearly threw for 5000 in 2012.

And he is on pace to surpass the 4,000-yard mark again this year.

Despite all the failings of his environment surrounding him- Romo manages to put up some of the best numbers in the league year in and year out.

It's called moxi.

And any general manager would love those results from his quarterback and that ability.

Whether the public, the media or fans of the Cowboys choose to acknowledge the success of the Cowboys or lack of simply by pointing to the teams failure to achieve post season success may never come to end soon.

But it's clear that arguing over who their quarterback should be should end today.

Tony Romo may never achieve Hall of Fame results like Montana,Brady,Staubach or Aikman when it comes to Super Bowls or MVPs.

But his results to this point in his career are equal to many of the greats he has played against today and those of the past.