Tony Romo It's a well known fact that Tony Romo likes to play golf. It's also a fact that he happens to be quite good at it.

Competing on several occasions in the annual Pro-Am at Pebble Beach, and trying on numerous times to qualify, albeit failing each time, for the U.S. Open.

It is a hobby. Nothing more. If he wanted it to be more he would have dropped the shoulder pads for a pair of slacks and garish color sweater a long time ago.

Instead he continues to choose playing football in the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys have recently extended his contract, swelling his bank balance and in all probability making him a Cowboy until he decides to stop playing.

A winners mentality comes from confidence. It stems from the belief that they can be the best in any given situation on game day. Playing quarterback in the NFL means that you must have some talent. Romo has this in abundance. He does have all the strengths and attributes to be a winner.

The ability and confidence to play the game at this level comes naturally. However, the winning mentality sometimes needs something more. An extra push. Romo's extra push didn't come on the fairways and greens of a country club. It needed to be in the film room, the weights room, the place where he needed to be visible. To prove there would be no doubt to himself and his teammates, both old and new, that he was the man they could depend and rely upon down the stretch.

Look in that huddle and have no fear. By studying not just your own mechanics, but those of your opponents too. Romo has passed on several amateur tournaments, turned down the qualifying for the HP Byron Nelson Championship and the U.S. Open. It's a sacrifice that had to be made.

Of course I am not saying that Romo hasn't done his homework before, and his teammates will be the first to defend him in an argument saying anything other than that.

Time, as always, will be the ultimate factor in deciding if his new work ethic will pay off. With his head in the books/tape it won't do any harm, and who knows he may be swinging a Lombardi Trophy high above his head instead of a 4 iron.