Cowboys QB Tony Romo

After seasons of false hope and mediocrity the Dallas Cowboys 2013 offseason has for once not given the team's fans something to shout about.

No salary cap money. No heady big name moves in free agency.

What the battle weary followers of America's Team have had to chew over so far is the front office telling them that there is no cause for alarm. That there is no reason to disembowel the Offensive (no pun intended) Line. Also that after the draft there will be "bargains" to be had after the draft, in terms of free agency recruitment's.

Oh, and then there's Tony Romo.

Earlier on this month when the top brass in the organization were scratching heads trying to find any available money to get under the salary cap - hey, even i resorted to looking down the back of the couch to find some (only found an old piece of gum) to send over - top line players, on top line salaries marched collectively in and agreed on new deals to help better the team in the coming months, and years.

Oh, and then there's Tony Romo.

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm a believer. Still am, where his on the field play is concerned.

What I will say here is that if he is to be believed as a credible leader, then surely he would have been the first through the door to renegotiate his current deal, into one which benefited both him, and his team. If it's all about the money then maybe he's not the player we all want him to be. Surely to stand up and take one for the team would be not only right, but proper given the circumstances he finds himself in.

Being the central focus of the Dallas Cowboys comes at a price. One which has many fans divided over his contributions on the field, documented fully elsewhere amongst these pages. The message from the top was that Romos contract wasn't a priority, and that he will remain dressed in a Cowboy uniform for the long term. That's great news isn't it?

If you're Tony Romo of course it is. It meant that he could spend a few more weeks not having to worry about his future. In the long term i feel his lack of assertive action could be detrimental. By being more proactive and concerning himself with player decisions has been rewarded greatly in the past by other team leaders. Stand up and shout to everyone what is needed to make your team a winner and in the meantime make some personal sacrifices.

Whatever deal is conjured up over the coming hours/days it will make everything seem right. Underneath though i can't help but feel that next season will be Romo's last in Dallas with a legitimate chance of winning it all. Then he is decent trade bait, regardless of whatever time is left on his new deal.