Tom Clements With another season in the books, it's time to look at potential head coaches that can help another team that have been either assistants or coordinators for their respective team.

Today, I am going to talk about one that I believe has been flying under the radar and how his team would hate to lose him.

As of now, he is the offensive coordinator for an offense that is about to head into the playoffs, has been the quarterback coach for two future HOF's, and received his first start with Mike Ditka back in 1997.

The man is Tom Clements and here is why you want him to be your next head coach.

Tom Clements has managed to get the best out of a lot of different quarterbacks. Whether the players had talent or not, they all had their best year under the tutelage of Clements.

Lesser known players Tommy Maddox, Kordell Stewart, Kelly Holcomb, Elvis Grbac and Matt Flynn all had some of their best games/years with Clements.

The two most famous quarterbacks to have Clements as their quarterback coach was former Packer, Brett Farve, and current quarterback for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers.

In 2005, Brett Favre had just finished the year with 29 interceptions and with Clements help it was brought down to 18 the next year. During Brett Favre's last season with Green Bay, the quarterback posted a then career best completion percentage and quarterback rating of 95.7.

When USA TODAY asked Brett Favre if he would hire Tom Clements to coach a football team he said, "I would hire him in a second."

Let's look at how much of an impact Clements has had on Aaron Rodgers.

A whopping 17,037 -- that's how many passing yards Rodgers has had from 2008-11 and it is the most by a quarterback in his first four seasons. Aaron Rodgers became the first quarterback to have two seasons with 500-plus attempts and seven or fewer interceptions.

That's not all. Aaron Rodgers is the only quarterback to throw 4,000 yards with six or fewer interceptions. Last but not least, Rodgers ranks No. 1 in NFL history with a career interception percentage of 1.8.

All of these records were accomplished with Tom Clements as his quarterback coach and here are some of the things Rodgers had to say about Clements from USA TODAY.

Rodgers: "I have an incredible quarterback coach. Tom Clements is a guy I pray I get to work with my entire career because he's an incredible teacher of the game, he understands how to coach quarterbacks. He played quarterback in the CFL for 13 years. Him and I just really have a good connection. He knows how to push my buttons and get the most out of me and he never lets me be complacent."

That's not all. 

Rodgers: "Tom understands the position and knows how to coach it." He added, "I think his best quality is his game-day style. I've been around different coaches and he is very calm on game day and very simple. Because he is so simple and calm, he doesn't get you rattled."

When Tom Clements was being interviewed for the Penn State coaching job, Rodgers had something to say about that.

Rodgers: “I don’t want to see him leave, but if you look at that situation it’s going to take a man with integrity to step in there and lead. Tom has a great pedigree as a player, as a coach, as a teacher, as human. He's a first-class individual."

Right now, only the Chicago Bears have requested an interview for Tom Clements and I don't think they will be the only ones for long.

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