I want to talk about both sides of this big story about Brady's so-called generous contract. I'm not disregarding that Brady has had an impact in the New England area, but fans need to look at this a little closer.

The Negative Side Do fans understand that Tom Brady gets an increase in guaranteed money? Brady doesn't have to worry if he's injured because the amount went from $25 million to $57 million. In 2008, Tom Brady couldn't play because of a right foot injury that he suffered in the 2007 AFC Championship. Wow! Maybe after putting some age on him, Brady is looking out for his own well being. He could be doing this, while making out like he is giving something back to the team. When Patriot fans feel like Brady is helping them against teams like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or Denver, they should know the amount of lingerie that Brady's wife has sold. Gisele Bundchen, is worth $250 million. She has fashion resources like Vogue, Esquire, Amazon, Elle, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Christian Dior, Victoria Secret, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, and Pantene. Do I have to go on? This model has been on the front cover of various magazines more than anyone, except Princess Lady Diana. Brady and his wife are worth more than Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z or Brad Pitt and Angilina Jolie. So, how generous is Tom really being? 

The Positive Side Tom Brady is giving other teammates a chance to stay with the extra cap space he has provided the Patriots. Brady has made the Patriot fans believe that he wants a Super Bowl over personal benefits. Less for Brady means more options for the Patriot organization, while Brady comes out looking like a personal hero to his fans. I think the biggest win is Brady will be able to retire with the New England Patriots. When athletes stay true to their organization throughout their career, it shows how much character they have. I don't doubt Brady loves the Patriots, I just think there are some grey areas in this agreement.

 Sweetheart's Stuff 

Please bear with me as I do some arithmetic; $27 million for 3 years. That is $9 million per year, $750,000 a month, $187,500 a week, $37,500 a day, $1,562 per hour. 16 games played in a regular season (I asked Stuart), brings me to a grand total of $562,500 a game! Everyone's worried about Baby Brady why?