Welker Tom Brady has won with any wide receiver that the Patriots have given him. With many different playing styles and personalities, Brady has always utilized his resources.

Wide receivers like Donte' Stallworth, Deion Branch, Troy Brown, Randy Moss, and Jabar Gaffney are a few that Tom Brady has had to adjust to over the years.

Unlike Manning, Brady hasn't had two wide receivers who have stayed for years with him.

One thing is for sure, Brady will be the same quarterback regardless who is catching the passes.

Peyton Manning has had a consistency over his NFL career with his two main receivers, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

Marvin Harrison had 14,580 yards receiving with 128 TDs over 11 years as one of the targets for Manning. Reggie Wayne played with Manning for 10 years and had over 10,000 yards receiving with 69 touchdowns.

In more recent years, Manning has managed the game with possession type tight ends and wide receivers Jacob Tamme, Austin Collie, and long-time tight end, Dallas Clark. These more recent years for Manning will help him with new wideout, Wes Welker.

Wes Welker will not change because of the difference in quarterbacks; he will be that go-to receiver in Denver like he was in New England. If anything changes out of this, it will be Peyton Manning having the biggest safety net since he played with Dallas Clark.

Denver's Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker have shades of Harrison and Wayne, plus Manning has that possession receiver like Wes Welker. If I'm running the Broncos' organization, I'd be looking for SEC talent on defense to complete the team.

Peyton Manning could have his shot this year with the right draft picks on defense. Tom Brady will dominate his pathetic division. The biggest difference in Welker leaving, is that Manning has an important buffer that will push him through the playoffs.


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