I wrote an article earlier in the year that looked at Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady. The debate was pretty simple and still is. If we are comparing careers, Brady is better. He has played nearly a decade longer, so that is to be expected. On the other side if we are comparing recent success, then Rodgers is clearly the favorite.
But today we compare history against what will soon be history. Tom Brady 2007 vs Aaron Rodgers 2011.
In 2007 Tom Brady led the Patriots to a 16-0 regular season record on their way to a 17-14 loss in the Super Bowl. Brady scored 52 total TDs to only 12 total turnovers; he had 4904 total yards with an 8.4 ypa average; his passer rating was just over 117. Clearly this was the best season ever put together by a QB.
Now, with one game left on the year, Rodgers has a chance to eclipse Brady for the best season ever. Chances are that Rodgers will not see much action on Sunday, but for the sake of the argument I am going to give him 100 total yards and a score in week 17 before he is pulled. The Packers still win the game, giving Rodgers a mark of 15-1 on his season. This would give Rodgers 49 total TDs to only six turnovers; he would have exactly 5,000 total yards with a 9.2 ypa average; his passer rating is over 122.
These stats are nearly identical. Both players within one win of each other. Both players at or near 5,000 total yards. Both players hovering around the 50 score season. To me there are four things that separate the two. First is the simple fact that Brady’s team at least had a chance to go 19-0. The Packers lost that chance when they fell to the Chiefs. Another positive for Brady was that he was sacked only 21 times in 2007. Rodgers has been sacked 36 times this year. Two points Brady. On the other side though, Rodgers reached his 4900 total yards with nearly 100 fewer passes than Brady. He also had half the turnovers that Brady had. Two points Rodgers.
Ok, Ok….there has to be something to differentiate these two. And there is. It is a Super Bowl ring. If Rodgers and the Packers go on to win the Super Bowl, give the nod to Rodgers. If they don’t make it to the SB, give it to Brady….and if they make it and lose? Well, we are back to square one.
Chime in with your thoughts below.