Titus Young If things were not bad enough for troubled receiver Titus Young, things just got worse for him after being arrested three times in one week.

Young was cut by the Detroit Lions on February 4th 2013, and picked up the following day by the St. Louis Rams only for them to waive him 10 days later deciding he was not the right fit.

Young has all the tools it takes to be a very productive receiver in the league besides his lack of height.

After all he was selected in the second round of the 2011 Draft. Over his first two seasons when Young was not causing trouble he caught 81 balls for 990 yards and 10 touchdowns while playing second fiddle to Calvin Johnson.

Young had it made in Detroit with Mathew Stafford as his quarterback, but could not handle the pressure of being in the league. He was sent home three different times for throwing punches and insubordination; before he was finally excused from the team after a Week 14 loss to the Green Bay Packers for lining up in the wrong position on the field.

Ever since Young has been in the league he has been involved in one incident after another, and these latest stem of arrests could be what keeps him out of football for a substantial amount of time.

Young was first arrested last Sunday barely after midnight for driving under the influence after making an illegal turn, but later cited and released without any criminal charges being filed.

It was after that when things got interesting when young decided he wanted to retrieve his Mustang from the impound yard by climbing over the fence later that same Sunday afternoon. Young was then arrested on burglary charges and this time released on $5,000 bail from the same detention center he just got out of.

You would think that being arrested twice in one day would be enough to calm a man down -- not this former Detroit “Bad Boy.” Young decided he would kick this weekend off in the same fashion he ended last weekend by attempting to break into a house, taking the police on a foot chase, and then fight back when he was finally apprehended.

This time the judge was not so nice, Young now has a $75,000 bail amount was was still in jail as of Sunday afternoon. Maybe after a little time of having to deal with three hots and a cot, Young will get his act together on and off the field.