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Titans celebrating


Sorry about that, just waking up after watching the snoozer of a game between the Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Titans won the game 16-9 but this low scoring game between these teams was nearly unbearble to watch. Here are the five key things we learned from watching this game:

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers do not have an identity: The Steelers team in the past were based on a devasting defense, a ground and pound running game, and hig execution on the passing game. Today's game this team could not run the ball, the defense couldn't stop the run, and the pass game was anemic at best. Mike Tomlin and the Steelers have to decide what type of team they are and stick with it.

2. Todd Haley and Ben Roethliesberger need to get on the same page: Roethliesberger has made it clear he does not like Haley and his play today seemed to show it. Haley's offense is predicated on timing and Ben is all about improvisation. The offense was s bad today that the Steelers did not pick up their first 1st down in the second half until the 4th quarter.  The quarterback needs to stop complaining and get the ball out of his hands faster. Especially with their shaky offense line leaving Big Ben exposed to shots. Ben was sacked five times on the day.

3. The Tennessee Titans Defense Will Keep Their Team in Games: The Titans have always had a good defense but this years teams defense will be the backbone and allow the Titans to stay in games.  The Titans forced two turnovers, an interception and fumble, and produced five sacks. Solid start to the season for this crew.

4. Jake Locker Has A Long Way to Go: Jake Locker only completed 11 passes for 125 yards and got the win. The Titans rely heavily on their running game because there is not a lot of trust in the third year quarterback. Locker looks cinfused and hesitant when he delivers the ball. Fornately the Titans have terrific run game to generate points for their team.

5. Although It Is Week One: Neither of the teams should start printing playoff tickets. These two teams looked like they needed extra time in training camp. The start of the game proved when Darius Reynaud gave the Steelers a safety by catching the kickoff and going out of bounds. There was no rhythm on offense by either team and the Steelers defense looked awfully old.